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Introducing (10) New Member Perks From Pee-Aye Creative

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We are excited to announce 10 new perks for our Divi Adventure Club and Divi Trail Committee members.

Behind the scenes, we have been quietly rolling out more perks to our Divi Adventure Club members, and today we are excited to share all the details with you! These 10 new perks also apply to our brand Divi Trail Committee members as well (more on that in another post). 

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

Green checkmark, "Completed" button.

Mark Posts As Completed On Our Blog

As a member, you will have access to a fantastic perk – the ability to mark blog posts as completed. This feature allows you to track the progress of your learning journey, marking posts as completed as they are read or implemented. It’s a handy tool designed to enhance your experience with our site and empower your growth as you navigate our resources. Unlock this valuable feature by becoming a member today!

Progress tracker indicating 15 of 13 tutorials completed.
Green bookmark icon in minimalist style

Bookmark Posts To Save Them In Lists To View Later

As a member, you will have access to an exclusive bookmarking feature on all our blog posts. This handy tool allows you to save and revisit your favorite tutorials, ensuring you never miss out on valuable guides and insights. Explore our hundreds of blog posts, bookmark your favorites, and continue your journey of learning and growth with Pee-Aye Creative. Become a member and start bookmarking today!

Webpage comment section labels and fields.
highlighted commented

Highlighted Member Comments On Blog Posts

Your feedback and insights have always been very important to us. To show our appreciation, we’re giving priority to member comments by showcasing them prominently at the top of the comment section on all our blog posts!  This not only recognizes the valuable contributions of our members, but also prioritizes their insights for others to see. As a member, this feature ensures your valuable contributions are recognized and prioritized for others to see.

Logo with blue checkmark and text "Your Name
verified member

Verified Member Badge Next To Your Name In Comments

At Pee-Aye Creative, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of Divi resources and free tutorials to our community. To show our appreciation to our members, we will display a verified badge next to your name on your blog post comments, serving as a mark of honor, recognizing your active engagement and commitment to supporting our work.

T-shirt with 20% discount tag.
merch discount

Exclusive Discount On All Our Merch

As a member, you will automatically unlock an exclusive perk – a 20% discount on our newly launched merchandise related to Divi, web design, and development. Show off your passion for design and development with our stylish merch while enjoying this exclusive discount as a token of our appreciation for your membership.

SurelyWP logo with a 40% discount badge.
WP Inbox logo with 40% discount tag
WP SiteLauncher logo with 50% discount tag.
Divi Adventure Club Membership Acces All Pee Aye Creative Products

Divi Adventure Club Membership

Gain access to all our Divi products and resources from Pee-Aye Creative with unlimited site licenses and lots of other exclusive member perks.

Divi Trail Committee Membership promotional graphic.

Divi Trail Committee Membership

Show support for our ongoing work creating community resources at Pee-Aye Creative and enjoy exclusive member perks in return.

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Follow a series of blog posts carefully arranged around a specific topic or goal! Keep track of your progress by marking posts completed, just like a free course!

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Divi Trail Committee Membership badge with map design

Join The Trail Committee!

Show support for our ongoing work creating community resources at Pee-Aye Creative and enjoy exclusive member perks in return.

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