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Michael Jones

mhj web hosting solutions

I would like to offer your small business, ministry, church, or non-profit a full service, flat rate web design and hosting plan.

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These people are really awesome! They are showing their support for our ongoing Divi content by becoming a Top Fan or by joining our Divi Adventure Club membership! We sincerely appreciate the support and want to publicly recognize these amazing people below.

Tashia Miller

Michael McGhie

Michelle Bulloch

Melissa Miller

Jose Valentin

Mike Nelson

Jeremy Brown

Chad Duncan

Bonnie Unsworth

Chad Huff


George Dimitrov

Peter Ziegler

Shannon Hamilton



Manon Juliette

Dave Pierson

Anibal Pacheco

Brenda Scott

Mark Dalley


Albert Chin

Jessica Hernandez

Armand Girard

Roy Green

Mario Maier


Joe Ramsay

Brian Proud

Carl Cyphers

Dori ORourke

Oliver Behn

Dorsey Coe

Nick Wiley

Jeannie Lucas

Mike Jones

Robert Staddon


Russ Clarke

William Stevens

Brian Wallace

Chihyu Yang

David Stone

Steven Adeosun

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