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Pee-Aye Creative Monthly Newsletter For June 2024

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Welcome to the Pee-Aye Creative monthly newsletter recap for the month of June 2024 with family, Divi, and product news.

Family News

It’s been a crazy month of June for our family. We went on our annual extended family camping trip, and it was awesome. The girls loved it as always, spending time with their cousins, riding bikes, wading in the creek, campfires, painting rocks, playgrounds, volleyball, whiffle ball, kickball, and all the fun things that come from being outside. The temperature stayed below 82 (Fahrenheit), which was incredible. Soon after we came home, the heat wave hit with a few weeks in the 90s. We went on a nice day trip to a local nature center, which had cool boardwalks through the woods and grasslands, and we went to two big new playgrounds. We went to an outdoor wedding for Tashia’s cousin on the hottest day of the year and somehow survived! To beat the heat, we did a little DIY water table project for the girls. It turned out pretty great, and Abrielle enjoyed painting it and choosing the colors. I also did another bike review on my personal YouTube channel, and we ended the month with a daytrip with some friends to a park and children’s museum. There’s like 10x more photos this month than usual, so that tells you it was a good month!

Children playing at a DIY water table outdoors
Two young girls hugging on a wooden boardwalk

Divi News

Elegant Themes released Divi version 4.25.2 on June 12th with some security improvements and PHP fixes.

Divi Marketplace

Elegant Themes introduced an up-sell system for Divi Marketplace checkout this month. When checking out, customers will be presented with dynamic, limited-time offers. Every time a customer purchases a vendor’s products on the marketplace, their post-checkout confirmation page will include a limited-time offer from the same vendor, allowing them to save 50% off (this number could change) on a random product the customer does not own from the vendor’s best-selling products. 

Divi 5

Divi 5.0 Dev Beta versions 21 and 22 were released during June. We are working hard on converting our modules for Divi 5, but it is a lot of work and expensive, so we appreciate your support during this time!

Be sure to check our website for Divi 5 FAQs and submit your questions, and we have been updating the page accordingly!

Man presenting guide on enhancing Divi theme accessibility.

How To Improve Divi Accessibility

Man explaining Divi Library Layout fix on computer screen.

How To Fix The Missing Divi Library Layouts Issue

How To Hide The Divi Projects Custom Post Type From Your Dashboard

How To Hide The Divi Projects Custom Post Type From Your Dashboard

How To Rename The Divi Projects Custom Post Type

How To Rename The Divi Projects Custom Post Type

Product News

Here is all the product news for this month! 

Divi Contact Form Helper 1.7 feature update graphic.

Divi Contact Form Helper Feature Update 1.7

I am very excited about this update to our very affordable and very popular Divi Contact Form Helper plugin. This update takes us over 115 main features! This update includes things like:

  • Cloudflare Turnstile
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2
  • Expanded Blacklisting Options
  • Options To Mark Entries As Spam
  • Disable Google ReCAPTCHA V3 For GDPR
  • User Role Permissions
  • Test Email Sending Feature
  • Star Rating Field
  • Mark Entries As Unread
  • Limit The Maximum Number Of Entries Allowed
  • Custom Phone Number Formatting

Please take a look at the video and blog post to see everything that is new.

WP Inbox features update with shopping woman illustration

WP Inbox – Order And Subscription Updates

We are excited to announce the latest update to our WP Inbox product, a powerful WordPress/Gmail integration plugin. This update brings significant improvements to order and subscription management, making it easier to view product names, the number of products, subscription details, related orders, and order and subscription notes directly within your Gmail inbox.

Graphic announcing 10 new member perks by Pee-Aye Creative.

Introducing (10) New Member Perks From Pee-Aye Creative

Behind the scenes, we have been quietly rolling out more perks to our Divi Adventure Club members, and today we are excited to share all the details with you! These 10 new perks also apply to our brand Divi Trail Committee members as well (more on that in another post). 

  • Mark Posts As Completed On Our Blog
  • Track And View Progress Of Our Trail Guides
  • Bookmark Posts To Save Them In Lists To View Later
  • Highlighted Member Comments On Blog Posts
  • Verified Member Badge Next To Your Name In Comments
  • Exclusive Discount On All Our Merch
  • Exclusive Discount For SurelyWP Addons For SureCart
  • Exclusive Discount For WP Inbox
  • Exclusive 2x Affiliate Commission Rate
  • Exclusive 2x Affiliate Commission Rates For Our Other WordPress Products SurelyWP, WP Inbox, and WP SiteLauncher

Learn more in our blog post and video about this!

Graphic discussing Services Addon for SureCart and SurelyWP

New Services Addon For SureCart For Digital Services AndCustom Deliverables

Our latest plugin for the SureCart ecommerce platform is a huge one! It empowers store owners to sell digital services, consulting, customized products, and more directly integrated into the SureCart backend and customer dashboard. We’re pretty excited about Services For SureCart, and so are many others (see below)!

Divi Trail Committee Membership promotional graphic.

New Divi Trail Committee Membership!

Our Divi tutorials, videos, and resources are helping millions of people, making a tangible difference! Our commitment is unwavering—to consistently produce the best Divi content on the internet. However, to keep up the momentum, we rely on your support. By joining our new Divi Trail Committee Membership, you gain access to exclusive features and discounts, while enabling us to keep creating and improving our content offerings.

Promotional graphic for Divi Trail Guides by Pee-Aye Creative.

New Divi Trail Guides!

Explore the world of Divi and WordPress with our new series of helpful guides! Our trail guides are like courses, arranged in a series of related blog posts and videos. Each trail guide contains a description of the destination you will reach, a progress bar, and a series of linked steps along the way. We are thrilled to have you join us on this adventure as we explore together! This will be an ongoing effort, with new tutorials coming to add content for new trail guides.

New Merch Store

That’s right, we now sell merch! I enjoy design and humor, and had a lot of fun creating these shirts. Let me know if you have ideas for new designs!

Behind The Scenes

We have been working hard to continue adding new features to all our plugins and make valuable improvements. We are also starting to focus a lot on Divi 5. There are still some major limitations, but we are doing our best. I greatly value your support during this time of extra expenses and a bit of stress. I continue to believe it is going to be amazing when it is all done, but the process is not always easy. I’m also trying my best to plan valuable resources each week, and will be releasing new Divi Trial Guides soon.

This past month we received a great honor! Adam Preiser noticed our new Services For SureCart addon, and their entire team really likes it! What an honor to hear form so many excited customers as well, it feels like we hit something popular here and will keep improving it a lot. Perhaps the coolest thing is seeing our Divi Adventure Club members take advantage of that exclusive 40% discount!

Screenshot of a Facebook post about SureCart Services Add-on

Today I’m having what I hope is our last meeting for WP SiteLauncher before the official launch! Let’s hope and pray my team can finalize everything efficiently soon so I can announce this revolutionary collaboration tool to the WordPress world!

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