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Create a Divi child theme for your website to ensure save updates and added customization.

We love the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, but often you need to extend its functionality with code. To do this, it is very important to create a child theme in order for the changes you make to not be erased when the main Divi theme updates. As one of the top child theme sellers in the Divi community, we ensure a professional job well done. We will provide you with a starter child theme for your site to ensure peace of mind and seamless upgrades.

If you use Divi and need a child theme, this service is for you! We made this service specifically for those who are great at the Divi Builder but are not as comfortable with code or don’t have time for tedious tutorials. This will enable you to have safe updates and code customization.

Purchasing this product will provide the following services:

  • Create a basic Divi Child theme with style.css and functions.css
  • Create custom thumbnail to match your brand
  • Installation of the new child theme

Before you purchase, here are some assumptions:

  • You already have a website that runs on WordPress and the Divi Theme is active
  • You need a professional to do this technical child theme creation work for you to avoid mistakes

Just click “Add to Cart” and check out now. We look forward to creating a Divi child theme for you!

For more great Divi services, please visit our shop page here and see our selection of convenient buyable services!

Please note: we will need admin access to your WordPress dashboard to perform the installation. After placing the order, please create a new administrator user on your site with the email “” and we will complete the work within 24 hours.


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