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Hello, I’m Nelson Miller, the owner of this company and creator of this Divi plugin. I enjoy making tools that help you succeed, and I hope you like it! If you have any questions, just send us a message!

Divi Dynamic Helper

Enable the missing Divi dynamic content features for adding data from custom fields in the Video, Audio, Gallery, Map, Code, Number Counter, Circle Counter, and Bar Counter modules, add dynamic content to color pickers, add Divi Library layouts to any textarea with dynamic content, and support for ACF PRO Options Pages.

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Divi Dynamic Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Divi Dynamic Helper

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Add Dynamic Content Options To Divi Gallery Video Audio Map Code Other Modules With Divi Dynamic Helper Plugin 1.2
Connect More Divi Modules With Custom Fields with Divi Dynamic Helper Plugin Infographic 1.4

The #1 (And Only) Divi  Dynamic Content Plugin

The ultimate custom fields and theme builder companion!
Check out these incredibly helpful and innovative features!

Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper video icon


Divi Dynamic Helper ACF Options Page icon

ACF Options Pages

Divi Dynamic Helper video icon

Video Module

This plugin automatically adds a dynamic content icon to the default Divi Video module. This means you can paste a video URL into the custom field, add the standard Divi Video module to any page, post, or Theme Builder template, connect the module to the custom field, and it will dynamically play the video!

Divi Dynamic Helper How It Works Video Module 1
Divi Dynamic Helper Video GIF
Divi Dynamic Helper audio icon

Audio Module

This plugin automatically adds a dynamic content icon to the default Divi Audio module. This means you can set up a custom field and paste an audio URL or upload a file into a custom field, add the standard Divi Audio module to any page, post, or Theme Builder template, connect the module to the custom field, and it will dynamically play the audio!

Divi Dynamic Helper How It Works Audio Module
Divi Dynamic Helper Audio GIF
Divi Dynamic Helper map icon

Map Module

This plugin automatically adds a dynamic content icon to the default Divi Map module. This means you can set up a custom field, add an address, add the standard Divi Map module to any page, post, or Theme Builder template, connect the module to the custom field, and will dynamically display the location pin on the map!

Divi Dynamic Helper How It Works Map Module
Divi Dynamic Helper Map GIF
Divi Dynamic Helper code icon

Code Module

This plugin automatically adds a dynamic content icon to the default Divi Code module. This means you can connect the module to any custom field that contains an embed code or iframe, and it will dynamically show on the frontend. You can also use it to run code like CSS and jQuery directly on the page!

Divi Dynamic Helper How It Works Code Module

Embed Anything In Your Site With Iframes

You can display anything that has an iframe embed code!

  • YouTube Videos
  • Rumble Videos
  • Wistia Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Google Map
  • Facebook Posts
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Audio players
  • Signup forms
  • Mailchimp Forms
  • Spotify Songs
  • Spotify Playlists

Run Code On Page From Custom Field!

This dynamic Code module opens up some crazy potential. Now you can literally add CSS or jQuery code to a custom field, connect the Code module to the field, and the code will run on that page!

Here’s a basic example, let’s say I want all my Text modules to have a red background on any page with this custom field. First I add the the code to a custom field.

adding CSS or jQuery code to a custom field to dynamically run in the Divi Code module

Then add the Code module and connect it to the custom field. When you exit the Visual Builder, the code takes effect and the Text module has a red background!

running code with dynamic content in the Divi Code module with Divi Dynamic Helper plugin

This was not the main reason for adding dynamic content to the Code module, but it’s fun that this also works. I’m sure some of you are going to find some good use cases for this! I tested this with HTML, CSS, and jQuery, and they all worked great!

Divi Dynamic Helper colors icon


This plugin automatically enables dynamic content for color pickers in the Divi Builder! Now you can simply add a hex color to a custom field, or use a color picker such as the Advanced Custom Fields color picker field, and connect the color picker in the Divi section, row, or module to the custom field, and the color will take effect on the frontend! This feature is available for all the color picker fields in the Divi Builder, including things like the background in sections, rows, and modules, text colors in all text related modules, and border colors.

NOTE: This dynamic color feature is not working for border colors, as there is a limitation in Divi preventing us from adding support for those.

set color in custom fields and show on frontend using dynamic content in the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin
dynamic content color from custom field support in the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin
Divi Dynamic Helper dyanmic color picker feature
Divi Dynamic Helper library icon

Divi Library

This plugin automatically adds support for loading Divi Library layouts into any module content area – Text, Blurb Body, Accordion, Tabs, Slider, etc. No more shortcodes! Now you can create or add layouts, sections, rows, and modules to your Divi Library, and then click the gray dynamic content icon to load them anywhere! Super quick and easy! Any module can now be nested within another one!

Divi Dynamic Helper load any layout from library
Divi Dynamic Helper ACF Options Page icon

ACF Options Pages

This plugin automatically adds dynamic content support in Divi modules for the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Options Pages! This incredible game-changing feature unlocks a world of possibilities. Normally, custom fields are associated with a specific page, and you enter the data into the fields in the backend of the same page where you see the data on the frontend. An Options Page, on the other hand, is a global location with custom fields that are not associated with a specific page.  This empowers you to create richer, more dynamic websites with Divi and ACF.

NOTE: One minor limitation in Divi is that you cannot use the Conditions feature to show or hide a modules based on a custom field value from an ACF Options Page.

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Divi Dynamic Helper Is Created By Divi Experts!

Why Choose This Product?

  • The plugin is innovative, unique, and the only solution on the market for this
  • Restores missing features you need for dynamic websites
  • We are a top-rated Divi product creator and community leader
  • Our proven track record of continuous feature updates and improvements
  • We are known for fast, friendly, and personal support
  • Our products come with thorough and helpful documentation
  • Thousands of happy customers who love and trust our products
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Hello, I’m Nelson Miller, the owner of this company. I created the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin to provide a seamless solution to the missing dynamic content problem! I hope you enjoy this clever plugin!

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Get answers to common questions you may have about this product.  If you have other pre-sale questions not mentioned here, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help!

How does this plugin work?

The Divi Dynamic Helper plugin adds the missing dynamic content icon and functionality to the supported existing Divi modules using advanced programming code in the backend. There are very basic settings in the Theme Options to enable or disable the feature for each of the supported modules, but otherwise it just works automatically when the plugin is active. Please check out our documentation page for more info on all the features.

Does this affect 3rd party modules?

The Divi Dynamic Helper plugin does not add any functionality to 3rd party modules created by other developers. It would be impossible to implement and support all the modules from other developers, and would not make sense for us to add features to their plugins. Our plugin only adds dynamic content features to the supported existing Divi modules.

Does the gallery work with ACF Pro?

Yes, we added support for the ACF PRO Gallery field in version 1.1. Please check the version 1.1 release post/video to learn more.

Do I need to use shortcode for library items?

No! Thank goodness, our plugin has a cool feature to add library items to any content area of a Divi module, meaning you can make nested modules within other modules by simply adding layouts from the library with the dynamic content icon. No shortcodes needed!

Why use custom fields?

Using custom fields has many benefits, depending on the type of site you are creating. Custom fields are essential for many sites that use custom post types. The main thing is when the page or post has lots of content that needs to be updated by a client, and using custom fields prevents anything from getting messed up in the Divi Builder layout. It can also be a very convenient way to avoid opening the builder and searching for the module to make changes.

Which purchase option should I choose?

Great question! As you can see we offer several purchase options. These are the licenses that determine how your product can be used.

The Annual Unlimited license is great for anyone who wants to use this product on multiple websites for an affordable yearly fee.

The Lifetime Single license is perfect if you only plan to use the plugin on one site and you don't want to pay recurring fees.

The Lifetime Unlimited license is ideal for anyone who wants use this product on multiple sites and is okay with spending a lot more upfront to advoid recurring fees.

Please review our Product License Policy to learn more about what each license means and what is included.

How do I receive updates?

Our products are eligible for automatic updates to all customers with an active product license. Any time we push out an update with new features, improvements, or bug fixes, you will see a notification in your WordPress dashboard. If we have a big update with important information, we may also send out an email, so be sure to stay subscribed for that information.

Please refer to our Product Updates guide for more information about how you can receive product updates.

Do you offer product support?

Absolutely, we are always happy to help you with anything related to our products. We strongly encourage you to follow our product documentation, especially the "getting started" guide for each plugin. If you still have questions or need technical support, you can submit a support ticket. You can learn what steps to take first and what to expect in our Product Support Policy.

Do you offer refunds?

Our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee based on some fair but important criteria which is clearly detailed in our Product Refund Policy. We encourage you to review the policy and reach out to us if you have any questions about your purchase. We are down-to-earth folks who will treat you with integrity, so feel free to start a friendly conversation with us at any time.

How do I use and manage the license keys?

Our plugins use license keys to verify the authenticity of your purchase and allow you to receive automatic updates and support. We have created a full Product License Key Management guide for you to learn how to find, add, delete, deactivate, and generate license keys.

6 reviews for Divi Dynamic Helper

  1. Kayleigh Nicolaou (verified owner)

    Really useful tool, enabling us to build custom, dynamic templates that are easy for our clients to complete in the dashboard without having to play with and inevitably break the front end design. An easy 5 stars!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you Kayleigh, yes that’s a great point! I’m glad to hear this method works well for your situation!

  2. Tamara Aertsen (verified owner)

    I bought the ACF Pro plugin for the gallery-feature, and was a bit disappointed that there was no easy way to display the images in Divi. The Divi Support team first suggested some unsatisfying solutions, but then advised me to take a look at this plugin. I wasn’t really planning on buying another plugin, but honestly, it’s worth every cent. Just too bad I didn’t come across it a few days sooner! It does exactly what I was looking for.

    In the meantime, I also found a solution for two other problems in Nelson’s blogs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! And especially so that it’s easy to understand for Divi-newbies as well 🙂

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you Tamara, I am so glad to hear you found our plugin to display your ACF Pro gallery in Divi! Thanks so much for sharing your kind feedback!

  3. Ivo (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Has definitely added big value and customizability to my theme building.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Ivo,
      I’m so glad you like the plugin and that it provides great value!

  4. Steve Smith (verified owner)

    Just dropping a quick note about the Divi Dynamic Helper plugin, and what an absolute lifesaver that was for me today. Seamless integration, works like a charm, and unstuck me from a very frustrating sticky problem. Thank you!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the review, Steve! It makes me quite happy to know you are finding the plugin so valuable and helped you out!

  5. Matthew Lempert (verified owner)

    Wow! This Plugin is awesome and going to save SO much time. We have a bunch of audio throughout our site and use page templates and dynamic content to fill everything in. Since Divi’s Audio Modules don’t have a dynamic option, I’ve been stuck making individual audio modules in the Divi Library, then using a shortcode to bring that module into the post. So tedious and a pain if we ever decided to change the look of the audio module. Just got this bad-boy installed, created a new ‘File’ custom field up in ACF, set that field to the Audio Modules NEW dynamic content option, and BAM! Works like a charm. Going to save TONS of time in the future and can’t wait to implement this option with our videos. Thank you for making this!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thanks Matthew, I love hearing your story! That’s the exact pain point we hoped to solve, and I’m so glad to hear it is such a great solution for you!

  6. Jon Laakso (verified owner)

    Such a Helpful tool!!

    What is even better is that Nelson and the PA Creative team continually are updating, upgrading and taking additional feature requests under advisement!

    Do yourself a favour and get yourself a lifetime membership!!!

    You won’t regret it!!!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Jon! We really appreciate it! We love feature requests and are very happy when we can make them reality.

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