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Do you have an online store with WooCommerce? If so, the most effective way to advertise your products is with email marketing. Our professional service integrates your store with the most popular email marketing platform, Mailchimp, which can be used to track the activity of your store and automate and personalize your email marketing. As a store owner, you have no excuse to not grow your business with this technology. However, to be effective with personalized emails, everything must be set up correctly by an expert. Purchasing this product will give you just that

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At Pee-Aye Creative, we are experts at both WooCommerce and Mailchimp. We highly recommend our WooCommerce & Mailchimp course to get the full benefits of the platforms together.

Purchasing this product will provide the following services:

  • Create new Mailchimp account
  • Connect Mailchimp to WooCommerce
  • Install correct plugins in WordPress
  • Add API keys
  • Sync all products and orders
  • Set up your first audience
  • Import email subscribers from a spreadsheet

Before you purchase, here are some assumptions:

  • You already have a website that runs on WordPress
  • You are running an online shop with WooCommerce
  • You don’t have or are wanting to switch email marketing for your store

We look forward to integrating Mailchimp with your WooCommerce store and helping you in your small business journey!


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