Pee Aye Creative Newsletter Recap of September 2022

Pee-Aye Creative Monthly Newsletter For September 2022

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Welcome to the Pee-Aye Creative monthly newsletter recap for the month of September 2022 with family, Divi, and product news.

Divi News

Nothing to report here. The Divi foundation update must have everyone buried deep in code!

Did you see this one? Pretty epic freebie!

How To Add A Clear Divi Static CSS Cache Local Storage Button To The WordPress Admin Bar Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

Product News

Divi Responsive Helper 2.3 Update

Our Divi Responsive Helper plugin continues to be one of the most popular 3rd party products in the Divi world, and for good reason — we are continually making it better! We love hearing your new ideas and developing new features, and are excited to release version 2.3 with new number of columns settings for Woo modules, column stacking support for Specialty sections, custom gutter width value setting, collapse submenus when opening another submenu setting, menu open/close icon pickers, viewport size, and more improvements and fixes. Be sure to watch the video and browse the post below to get a full overview of everything that is new.

Divi Responsive Helper by Pee Aye Creative 2.3

Introducing The Divi Table Of Contents Maker Plugin

Divi Table of Contents Maker Module Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 1.0

Plugin Feature Updates Coming

We are also working on several more updates coming soon! We were going to release an update for Divi Carousel Maker but decided to go full in on version 2.0, so expect a HUGE update to that in the coming month!

We are adding some incredible features to the Divi contact Form Helper, like a free-for-all HMTL field, move error message below form, and much more!

We have added dynamic content support for the Code module and color pickers in Divi Dynamic Helper, and will be releasing that soon!

And we gave a tiny tease in the tutorial mentioned above about clearing the static CSS – basically we are starting work on a free plugin that every Divi user will want to install by default.

Secret Product Beta Tester Signup

*This month, we are feeling the nervous vibes as we see the reality of the launch day approaching after 15 months of steady work. The website is looking absolutely gorgeous. We decided to have a free version, so we are sorting out which features are free or paid. We are also sorting features into priority 1, 2, and 3 to help us focus on getting level 1 to you as soon as possible. I literally can’t breathe when I think about the announcement day coming, possibly this year yet. We are prepared to make quite a scene in the WordPress world!

FYI: We are creating a new product that is outside the normal Pee-Aye Creative product line. It is a SaaS product/WP plugin combination. I realize we are not yet giving many details and I apologize for that, but we would love to have you join our list to get early access when it is ready! If you are interested, please complete this form to signup.

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