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HEALED CARE HOME is a private home, A PLACE FOR MEDICALLY FRAGILE PERSONS. It’s on a beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard where the rich and famous come for R&R.

Before modern medicine we use to take Care of our love ones at home. Caregivers of the pass was family members.

The physical safety and the stability of our love ones emotions was more of a priority back then.

Today due to modernization its normal to Put a family member in institution called nursing homes and facilities.

Today Care homes resemble the type of loving environment that’s similar to our own homes.

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Care homes represent family, love, safety and It represents honor respect and independence. It’s a place where you can call your home away from your home. A place where you can check in all summer or extended time or just a short respite. Because we are family.

Our caring and passionate staff go above and beyond to ensure our residents live in a peaceful loving environment that’s own and run by family.

In our newly renovated home We have implemented COVID safety and health policies to ensure that our residents are protected from the virus.

Some of these changes include

Private RECREATION SPACE, PRIVATE dining space for safety. Out side grounds recreation, Virtual entertainment and online movement classes. Regular safety checks and Covid testing. Stringent

Cleaning protocols.

Our residents are our family too .We use technology such as iPads, Zoom visits, and special Apps to help our residents stay connected to their love ones.

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