We Are Happy To Help You With Our Divi Products

We care about your experience with our products. That’s why we made the help center with as much information as possible on every aspect of our products. And if you can’t find what you need in the documentation, we’re happy to help!

Pee Aye Creative product Documentation and Support

We are in the process of switching to a new helpdesk tool called ThriveDesk (the old system was Fluent Support). All new support tickets will be using the new system, and any active tickets from the old system will work as normal via email. We hope this transition goes smoothly, but if you have any issue just let us know. Changes like this can be complicated for everyone, but we want to be transparent and hope it goes well. (NOTE: Previous tickets using our old system will not be listed below.)

UPDATE: I just realized the ThriveDesk new ticket button is only working when logged in, so until I solve that with them, if you are logged out you can either log in or just use this new ticket form: Create A New Ticket


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