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Tutorial Question

If you have a question about one of our free tutorials on our blog, then please leave your question as a comment on the actual blog post. 

There are several reasons for this:

  • As much as we love helping, we can’t customize and troubleshoot everyone’s websites for free.
  • Posting your comment on the blog post allows the community to view your question and/or respond, which benefits everyone with publicly visible questions and answers.
  • I pay my assistant to respond to legitimate tutorial related comments about once a week.

Please be sure your comment is related to the tutorial and not outside the scope of the specific tutorial. Please note that all comments are help for review and will disappear after posting until we approve and/or reply to them.

Oh dear...hmmm

There are good reasons as to why we ask that you follow the documentation. We actually update our documentation constantly, several times a week. Any time we get a question or something missing, we make sure it is covered there. So trust us, we most likely have heard your question before and have the information there. We're not trying to be rude, this is only fair to us both.

Please go to our main help center, click the name of the product, and try to find what you need in the documentation, and if you can't find it, then next time you can say yes to the previous question 🙂

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We hope you find what you need! Come back if you need anything!

Thanks for reviewing the docs, and sorry to hear you are facing some technical issue!

We want to get this solved for you, so we need to collect as much context and information as possible.

If the issue is related to WordPress, then please contact your hosting provider for help. If the issue is related to Divi, then contact Elegant Themes support or check out our guide on How To Fix Divi. Be sure to check and let us know about your hosting server, version numbers, caching, and any other common causes.

If you believe the or issue is related to our product, then we are absolutely here to help! Please continue filling out this form and we will get this resolved.

Okay sure, please be sure to check our Product License Key Management documentation before continuing.

If you cannot find the answer to the question there, please continue to submit this form.

Okay sure, please be sure to check our Product Refund Policy before continuing.

If the issue meets one of the requirements, please continue to submit this form.


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