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What Is The Best Hosting Provider For Divi Websites

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Learn how to choose the best hosting service provider for your Divi website to keep it running fast and avoid issues with the Divi Builder.

What Is Hosting?

In order to ensure your new Divi website will work properly, you need a good premium hosting provider. Your hosting server is the place where your website files are stored. So when you visit or interactive with a, you are actually viewing a set of files that are stored on a hosting server.

It is very important that this server be fast, secure, reliable, and of course affordable.

Let me just say right here – you get what you pay for with web hosting.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

Types of Hosting

First, I want to talk about the different types of hosting that are available, and that will help narrow down which ones to use with Divi.

cPanel Shared Hosting

A lot of these shared hosting providers will use something called cPanel. This is a tool meant to simplify website and server management. Many web hosting companies supply cPanel to customers as part of their hosting package. cPanel is where everything happens, allowing you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and a whole lot more.

Cpanel was extremely popular in the past, but they recently increased their prices 90% and some companies such as Siteground are building their own platforms.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means just how it sounds, your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. The advantage to this type of setup is the cost, since the server cost is split between lots of websites. I’ve seen shared hosting pretty cheap, but please don’t fall for the $0.99 or $1.99/month deals. They too are just how they sound, cheap. Shared hosting is typically not a good idea, unless they are a very reputable company who limits the number of sites on one server and offers protection against malware and spam. Performance can take a hit, especially if the other sites on your shared server are experiencing lots of traffic.

It’s true that most companies, blogs, churches, etc. usually start with shared hosting. It’s cheaper, and they are not getting tons of traffic. So if you plan to get traffic and want to take things more seriously, consider better hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

With the increasing popularity of WordPress as a web building platform, many web hosting servers are offering what are referred to as “Managed WordPress Hosting.”
Managed WordPress hosting provides higher levels of performance, security, and support. Usually, the company that offers this will have their own custom interface and server settings. In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting is a service where the web hosting provider will be responsive for keeping your WordPress installation updated, which can help protect your site from security threats. Just know that this will cost more than shared hosting, but it is a good option for WordPress users who want to have less upkeep and management of their site.

Cloud Based Hosting

If you plan on growth or usage spikes, or just want to get top speeds, then consider cloud based hosting. The idea here is hundreds of individual servers can work together so that it acts like one giant server. The idea is that as the need grows, the hosting company can just add more hardware to make an ever larger grid or cloud.

So an advantage here is if you get an unusually large amount of website traffic, rather than the server crashing, it can adjust and accommodate. You also typically get much better performance and speed from cloud hosting, so if your website is growing, and you’re driving more traffic to your website, this is probably the next type of hosting you would want to upgrade to from a shared hosting plan.

Siteground Logo Best Host for Divi

Siteground Hosting

One of the best hosting providers for standard small business Divi websites is Siteground. They understand Divi and will even optimize your server specifically for the needs and requirements of Divi if you ask. Their support is absolutely phenomenal! Like really, really good.

I use Siteground for almost all of my sites and client sites, so I can say for sure that this company is going to be very good to use with Divi. And the cool part is how easy it is to migrate to them, you get one free migration and the rest can be done with one click with their migrator plugin. You have no excuse! Switch to something that works, because the success of your website/business depends on it.

Cloudways Logo Best Host for Divi

Cloudways Hosting

Serious Divi users should absolutely check out Cloudways! Don’t expect the same hand-holding experience as Siteground, but with Cloudways you can get away from shared hosting and move to the cloud for the best speeds and performance.

This site where you are reading this blog post is hosted on Cloudways due to the tens of thousands of site visitors I get each week and because of how much stuff is going on with it like plugins and functionality. A good site needs good hosting. You have no excuse if your website fails because of slow speeds. We are using Cloudways with the Digital Ocean server. Go check it out!

Other Recommended Divi Hosts

If I didn’t mention a few more hosts, I would get nasty comments, so here we go. There are other great hosts that I have not used, but people I trust use and recommend. So, although I can’t speak from personal experience on these, I do know that these are perfectly good options for Divi hosting.

However, these are going to be expensive. The reason I recommended Siteground and Cloudways was because of both price and quality, but WP Engine, Flywheel, and Pressable are going to cost more. However, they are managed WordPress hosting, so there is that advantage. 

WP Engine Logo Best Host for Divi
Flywheel Logo Best Host for Divi
Pressable Logo Best Host for Divi

The Worst Possible Hosts for Divi

I don’t know if some companies are having a contest or not, but it seems like every time there is any issue asked in any Divi Facebook group, the hosting provider is always Bluehost, Hostgator, or GoDaddy. Did you ever wonder why?

Bluehost Logo Worst Host for Divi
Hostgator Logo Worst Host for Divi
Godaddy Logo Worst Host for Divi

This is all based on data and experience.

I could name a long list, but as a general rule please beware of and do not use GoDaddy or any hosting company owned by EIG, or Endurance International Group. Here is the list of sites owned by them that need to be avoided.

Some companies on that list include Bluehost, Hostgater, ipage, FatCow, StartLogic, and a lot more. Just google anything about these EIG umbrella brands, and you will see what I mean.

If you don’t believe me, or are somehow offended, that’s okay. I’m not forcing you to believe this or do anything. I’m simply offering my professional advice.

More Ways To Improve Divi

If you have already chosen a  great website hosting provider for your Divi website, you may still have other things that need to be improved or solved. We have a full post on how to solve the common issues and problems that people ask about Divi, so be sure to visit that post.

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Man explaining Divi troubleshooting tips.

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Comments By Others

  1. Tore Karlsen


    Thanks for tips. Do you have any experience with (business) plan for Divi hosting? Right now my web hotel got bought by, and it`s not possible to edit my page with divi any longer. So slow, writing just a textbox takes forever.

  2. Arnoud

    What is your experience with Siteground’s own caching technology? Would you still recommend a caching plugin, like WP Rocket or Autoptimise?

    • Hemant Gaba

      Hi Arnoud!

      The Siteground provides it’s own cache plugin which is not too much compatible with Divi or provides the best performance. The Elegant themes itself recommend using WP-rocket and compatible with Divi.

  3. Eric

    Wow…just wow. Bluehost is on your Bad Boy list. I sort of was hoping it was/wasn’t on the list. Here’s the deal. I’m with Bluehost; have been for a few years. Everything was lovely until recently.

    I have a WordPress site with an Acabado theme. I used the Divi Plugin and all heck broke out on each post that I used a Divi module on. It took me forever to discover this (it shouldn’t have, I admit).

    Anyway, I reluctantly (and manually!!!) removed the Divi module from 53 posts. I can still use it on pages that are totally Divi, but a mixture of WordPress blocks and Divi blocks. I surmised this was a Divi bug. But now you have me thinking perhaps my beloved Divi plugin is just fine and maybe it’s Bluehost. I don’t know.

    I also recently entered Bluehost plugin hell when I used the staging feature on one of my sites. I used it okay a couple of times then ran into SERIOUS problems with error messages. I can say Bluehost support was on chat with me for three hours trying to fix it. They couldn’t. I didn’t know why they couldn’t simply delete the staging file on their end since I couldn’t do it on my end.

    Well, I don’t want to ramble forever. All this to say, I had no idea Bluehost had incompatibility issues with Divi. And I am NOT giving up Divi. I love Divi too much.

    So I’ll be looking into SiteGround and soon using your affiliate link.

    Thank you!


  4. Johan

    Hey Nelson, any thought on Namecheap’s managed WP hosting to host a DIVI theme site?
    Cloudways on Digital Ocean Perhaps?

    • Hemant Gaba

      Hey Johan,

      Cloudways would be the good option over Namecheap when it comes to hosting for Divi and that’s what we have suggested in our guide as well. 🙂

  5. Walter Hildebrand

    Hi Nelson, I’m a web designer catering specifically to the music industry (so lots of multimedia content) and I can back up what you have written 100%. My worst experiences with webhosting companies came from EIG brands. Many of them create 500 server time-outs when you’re working on a site. When a client mentions one of these companies there is really only one choice: Get better hosting or look for another Designer. It’s increased my work efficiency 200%. BTW, there is only one hosting company that is worse than GoDaddy and that is Strato in Germany. When you hear Strato: Run!!!! I have also worked with A2 for some time, it was much slower than Siteground but barely workable. In the meantime, I had one client site which was worse then GoDaddy with multiple 500 server errors. Support was very bad. So I have moved away from A2 as well.

  6. Tom

    I am paying 360/yr. per website hosted by BlueHost, and I still get hacked. If I switch to Siteground will I be safer and save money ?

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) <span class="comment-author-role-label author-label">Author</span>

      Hi Tom,
      I certainly can’t say if you will get hacked or not, but I have been told by Siteground that they isolate each website in such a way as to prevent malware from spreading. Like on Bluehost shared hosting, if there are 100 sites there from other people, and one gets hacked, so does yours. It’s also good to always use a security plugin such as WordFence.

  7. Joost Boer

    Hi Nelson,

    “The reason I recommended Siteground and Cloudways was because of both price and quality, but WP Engine, Flywheel, and Pressable are going to cost more. However, they are managed WordPress hosting, so there is that advantage.”

    I think it’s fair to qualify SiteGround as managed WP hosting, too.

    In fact, when speaking to one of WP Engine’s sales reps, he could not explain to me how they are that much more managed than SiteGround.

    This is what SiteGround’s sales rep had to say about the matter (who, btw, was 10x more pleasant to deal with than WP Engine’s sales rep):

    “Nikol S.: Indeed, WP Engine are among the more expensive providers out there, when it comes to WordPress Hosting. To my knowledge, they also help clients with issues that require development knowledge, which would explain the difference in the price, because these type of services are usually very expensive. The good news is WordPress doesn’t require coding knowledge and people of all ages successfully use it to build websites for personal and professional projects.
    Nikol S.: Although we do not directly assist with coding issues, we still offer fully managed services – on a server and even application level.”

    So for all intents and purposes, it seems to be fair to describe SiteGround as managed WP hosting.

    The only real distinguishing factor as far as I can tell, is that their hosting also allows for other applications to get installed.

    I’m not sure re WP Engine’s support on dev issues…. is it that much more thorough than SiteGround’s?

    What are your thoughts?



      • Joost Boer

        Fair enough. There is obviously also no objectively defined definition of what “managed” exactly entails…

        I’m writing a fair bit about webhosting – as are you it seems – and am trying to make things as clear for my readers as I can.

        Many people appear utterly confused by the hosting industry and the terminology, which I totally understand. 🙂

      • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) <span class="comment-author-role-label author-label">Author</span>

        Right, I think it usually depends what features related to WordPress it has, which Siteground has more and more of lately with their new Site Tools so this could all be changing too.

  8. Tim

    Hi Nelson !

    Do you know OVH ? What do you think about it ?
    Particulary for French websites !

    Sitesground looks really cool and not so expensive and interesting if it’s adapted for divi utilisation and woocommerce (I only use it and create my own themes).

    I feel like woocommerce hostings are sometimes slow with OVH. And there are things disturbing clients on loading (the a instead of hamburger menu or big things that appears before being right placed and right sized).

    Do you have one account at 13,99 €/mo. and keep clients websites on your account ? If yes, is speed still good ? Or do you ask clients to have their own account ?
    Because with OVH my hostings cost 60€/years for simple websites and 140€/year for ecommerce sites (with private sql). So If I can keep all on an acount at 13.99/mo would be really interesting.

    Thank’s for your answer and for your amazing articles !

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) <span class="comment-author-role-label author-label">Author</span>

      Hi Tim,
      I’m not familiar with it at all so I’m afraid I can’t give any comments from experience, but perhaps someone else will. With Siteground I’ve never noticed adding additional sites to a plan affecting the speed.

  9. Eric

    Hi Nelson, interesting post. In france, i recommend O2SWITCH, very good support, access to all cpanel fonctions, php.ini, for 5€/month ex VAT.
    PS : i have no shares in this company :-), just based on my own experience.


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