What To Expect

Enjoy Clear Expectations About Working Together With Us On Your New Website

If a new website sounds scary, uncertain, or expensive, then you’ve come to the right place. We are real folks who love to share stories with you as we discuss your project and move forward with a professional website.

Pee Aye Creative product Documentation and Support

Feeling uneasy about a new website? No worries, we want to build a trusting relationship and be a breath of fresh air. The list below will tell you exactly what to expect as we move forward with your website project.

pee aye creative web design process

Website Design Process

We create beautiful and functional custom websites that showcase your brand and professional image. Our web strategy goes deep into the core of what people and search engines need from your website.

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1. Get in Contact with Us

The first step is to just do it. We are not intimidating and will answer any pre-sale questions you have. We have no pressure sales, and only want to help!

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2. Discuss and Brainstorm Ideas

Some clients have all their specific ideas laid out while others only have a general idea of what is needed. Either is fine and together we will make a plan and put it into action!

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3. Agree to a Proposal

We will detail everything out and send it to you to look over and if everything sounds good then we will both sign the contract and get started!

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4 Provide Info and Deposit

To be fair to everyone, we will require some payment up front to keep vested interest by both parties. We will also need all the information from you to add to the new website such as services, a previous logo, your story, photos, contact info, etc.

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5. Setup and Design

At this point we will proceed with setting up your website, email address, hosting etc. and work on building your new professional and conversion focused website.

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6. Revisions and Approval

We then will send you a preview link to make sure all information is accurate and meets your approval. Any revisions can then be made and then receive your final approval!

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7. Invoice and Payment

Once the site is published and live on the internet we will send a detailed invoice for you to look over and complete the final payment.

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8. Celebrate!

It’s okay to proudly view your site and share it with all your friends, family, and clients. As for us, we will probably leave our computer and go exploring around Pennsylvania!

Pee Aye Creative website cost

Website Design Pricing

We typically work on a project based fee, which is determined primarily by the scope of the project. Some of our clients are small local business with a small budget of $750-$2,000, while others are high-end clients who expect the very best and start at $5,000. No matter what, we guarantee fair rates that are a wise investment. Our websites come packed full of value and offer a high return on investment that will help drive your sales and convert visitors into paying customers. 


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