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Where Are The Missing Divi Customizer Settings?

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Where are the missing Divi theme Customizer settings? Divi is slowing depreciating these, and for good reason! I'll explain this all in the video and post.

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Where Are The Missing Divi Header And Footer Customizer Settings?

What Is The Theme Builder

When Divi 4.0 released, it introduced a new feature called the Theme Builder. The Divi Theme Builder is a revolutionary tool that allows you to builder every area of your website using the Divi Builder. In the past we could only edit the page areas, but now we can edit things like the header and footer and many more areas.

Theme Builder vs. Customizer

This is where it can be confusing. The Divi Theme comes with a default header and footer. They have some basic settings to style and customize those areas in the WordPress theme Customizer. Some of you who have used Divi before may be familiar with that. However, you may be confused when you buy one of our premium child themes and realize you can’t edit the header. What? But you can! We build our templates with modern practices, so naturally we use the Theme Builder. So here’s the main point:

When a theme builder header or footer template is active, it replaces the default header and footer and hides the Customizer settings.

This makes perfect sense, because why would there be Customizer settings when those are no longer needed? You can edit every part of the header or footer using Divi, which is far more superior than the old clunky Customizer.

Learn To Embrace The Theme Builder

I think the Divi Theme Builder is 10x better than trying to style and customize the old header and footer. Once you understand and get used to it, you will agree with me! If learning something new intimidates you, then I suggest taking my helpful and very popular Divi Theme Builder course.

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Where Are The Missing Divi Module Customizer Settings?

What Is (Was) The Module Customizer

You may rememer Divi used to have a featured called the Module Customizer. Essentially you could use this to establish some defaults for each module. You may also have noticed that it is no longer available in the Customizer. So why not?

When Divi released a new featured called Default Styles, the Module Customizer was no longer needed. The reason is because you could now set default styles for the modules within the builder, meaning you no longer had to leave the editor just to change a style. The Default Styles have now evolved into Presets.

Learn How To Use Divi Presets

Where Are The H1-H6 Heading Customizer Settings?

We could point out lots of examples, but one that I have seen over the years is the confusion on why ther are such limited Typography settings in the Customizer. Again, the reason is because Elegnat Themes planned for along time to keep all the design settings within the builder experience. You can easily set presets for all of the heading text sizes on all devices. The Typography settings in the Customizer are worthless at this point. If you are relying on them, I recommend learning to use things like Extend Styles and Presets.

The Main Point – Divi Builder Efficiency

We could go on and on with examples, but the main point here is something I have seen Nick Roach talk about. He explained that the goal is to have an uninterrupted Divi Builder experience where you can control everything within the page and module you are working on. This eliminates the need to go to the Customizer or Theme Options for things that can be set in the Divi Builder. I love this approach!

Expect to see more things disappear from the Customizer in the future!

I’m really excited about this movement. The Divi builder has an intuitive interface compared to the old clunky Customizer, so anything that can be moved to the Divi Builder is a positive thing for me.

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  1. Steph


    I am confused. There is no option for me to select home after I select static. The only option available from the dropdown is, “sample”. Do you know why that is?

    Thank You

  2. Lina

    Thanks for your explanations. But unfortunately I can not solve my problem. I still have trouble. Wenn I use Divi Builder all the customizer settings disappear. Not only header and footer, I mean everything: header, footer, buttons, fonts, colors. Should I now right custom css for the hole website? Is this the solution? Oh my God :((((

  3. Sharthak

    Thank You!


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