Why is the Divi Email Optin module not showing

Why Is The Divi Email Optin Module Not Showing?

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
Have you set up a Divi Contact Form module, but when you exist the Divi Builder it is not showing on your page? There is an easy answer!

I see this question from time to time in the Divi Facebook groups, so I wanted to address it publicly. There actually is not an issue, and it is not a bug. Once you hear the explanation, it will make sense.

The issue where the Divi Email Optin module is not shown happens when you do not connect an email providers. Without an email provider, there is not way to know what form fields are needed, and certainly no need for a form. So the solution is rather simple. Just connect the form to your account, such as Mailchimp, and the form will show up on the frontend!

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  1. Sean Rowe

    Thanks for this post, I actually thought this was 100% the issue. But lately I’ve been building sites and the email optin shows before I connect it to a service…not sure why that’s happening. I currently have 1 site where it shows and 1 where it doesn’t, neither are connected. I would prefer the optin to show so that my clients can preview it, many of them don’t have an email service picked out and so it’s hassle.


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