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If you are creating or managing Divi websites, and you know it is critical that they look good across all device sizes, then this FREE Make Divi Responsive mini-course is perfect for you!

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Divi white label website design
a focus on the little guys with website design for small businesses in Pennsylvania
Divi white label website design
Divi white label website design

Reality Check

It’s going to take a little extra work to create a successful responsive Divi website.


We’re going to cover everything you need to know in this course!

Introduction To Responsive Design

Learn what responsive design means, the importance and benefits of doing it, and some processes to follow to help you achieve it!


Different Content Per Device

Learn how to change the actual content for different device sizes like text, images, or video that shows on desktop, tablet, or mobile!


Background Settings

Learn about the responsive background settings for color, gradient, image, and video in the Content tab of the Divi sections, rows, columns, modules!


Alignment Settings

Learn about all the settings in the Design tab of any section, row column, or module that have responsive alignment options!


Spacing Settings

Learn how you can use and adjust the spacing settings like margin and padding for different devices to make your layouts repsonsive!


Custom CSS

Learn how you can set responsive custom CSS for each of the device breakpoints and some examples of how handy this feature can be!


Position Settings

Learn all about the position settings, whcih are really great especially for making fixed elements on either desktop, tablet, or phone! 


Understanding Breakpoints

Learn what CSS breakpoints are, which ones come with Divi by default, and how to access and use them in Divi to make your site responsive!


Responsive Content Features

Learn how to adjust the helpful settings which are found in the Content tab of any section, row, column, and module on desktop, tablet, or phone!


Text & Heading Styles

Learn how to adjust the many responsive text and heading design settings like font size, line height, font-weight, font style, color, and more!


Sizing Settings

Learn about all the responsive sizing settings like icon font size, image sizes, and more in the Design tab of any section, row, or module!


Miscellaneous Design Settings

Learn more about soem of the miscellaneous responsive settings in the Design tab like settings for dividers, filters, borders, and more!


Visibility Settings

Learn about the visibility features in Divi and how you can show, hide, or adjust overflow or  z-index of any element on Desktop, Tablet, or Phone!


Related Resources

Learn some awesome efficiency tips in the Visual Builder, check out our tutorials on our blog, and look at our Divi Responsive Helper plugin!


This course is perfect for developers, designers, business owners, bloggers, DIYers, or anyone else who uses Divi to create or manage websites.

Hello, I’m Nelson Miller, a professional website builder and Divi specialist. I created this free course to so you can quickly and visually learn everything you need to know about making your Divi website responsive all by yourself! I look forward to having you in the course!

2 reviews for How To Make Divi Responsive Course

  1. Avatar

    Chris Herrera (verified owner)

    Amazing course! Totally free and very well explained all you need to know about the responsive divi theme 👍

    • Avatar

      Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you, Chris! I’m so glad you enjoyed the course and found it helpful!

  2. Avatar

    stacey (verified owner)

    Great course. Easy to follow and very helpful tips. Thanks so much

    • Avatar

      Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      You are welcome, Stacey! I’m so glad it was helpful!

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