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Learn From Our Experience and Find the Best Tools for Your Website

With so many tools and software solutions out there, it can be very difficult to find the one that fits just right. We wanted to share some of our favorites and would invite you to check them out. Some of these buttons are affiliate links, and some are simply friends that I want people to find. We may make a few dollars if you click the buttons and purchase something.

Divi is one of those rare communities on the web where people are friendly and help each other as friends. It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are some of our favorite Divi and website related resources.

Tools for Running Your Small Business

Divi Theme/Builder

The Divi Theme and/or Builder from Elegant Themes is the best page builder available. If you want to build a website but can’t code, you need to check out Divi!

Series Engine

I was looking for the best plugin for churches to manage their sermons, audio, podcasts, etc. I tried many options before finally settling on this. It is clearly the top choice, very easy to use and even has Divi Modules build in! How cool it that!

WPL Real Estate Plugin

There a quite a few real estate MLS plugins to choose from, but the one I like is by Realtyna. Check it out if you are a realtor or working on a real estate website!

Website Hosting

The debate over website hosting is sometimes heated, and we all have opinions over who is the best. We highly recommend you try Siteground hosting.

Divi Dream Tools

It seems there are a lot of 3rd party plugins that fill in the gaps left by Divi, but this one seems to be the most comprehensive and feature-rich Divi plugin.

Divi Footer Editor

Divi seems to refuse to allow us to edit the footer, and this is one of the most asked questions. Thankfully there is a very easy solution that involves no coding knowledge. Check it out and add it to all your sites.

Divi Engine

Peter from Divi Engine is a friend I met in the Divi Facebook groups. He currently has 4 great Divi plugins that you should check out, including Divi Nitro, Divi Bodycommerce, Divi Mega Menu, and Divi Protect. Be sure to tell Peter that Nelson sent you!

WordPress Staging

We should all be using staging when building and testing websites. I’ve found no easier way than with a few clicks with Local by Flywheel.

Divi Heading Customizer

Tired of waiting on Elegant Themes to add global H1-H6 settings? Here’s your answer! No more custom CSS or media queries, do it all quickly and easily right from Div’s customizer.

Divi Booster

Anyone who uses Divi for custom website designs will soon find that some things are beyond the built-in features available in Divi. But Divi Booster comes to the rescue!

Divi Content Intense

Divi is not very blog friendly out of the box. Thankfully, there are many 3rd party options for styling your Divi blog. Want the best one? None of them compare to this! You have to see it to believe it.

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