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Changelog for the Divi Assistant Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Changelog & Feature Updates

How The Changelog Works

The changelog below shows the date and version number of each plugin update along with a detailed list of all the new features, changes, bug fixes, and improvements.

A major update means any plugin update with changes to the first two numbers (x.x) in the version number. For example, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 would be major updates. Other smaller updates are used to fix bugs or make small improvements. Small updates change the third number in the version number (x.x.x) like 2.0.1, 2.0.2, and 2.0.3.

We provide a detailed blog post and video for every major feature update. We recommend reading the blog post and watching the video before updating to get familiar with the new features and be aware of any important changes. The release announcements are linked in the changelog below.

1.2.3 Coming Next

  • Fixed An Issue With The Accessibility Helper Setting To Exclude Underlines In Headings With Links For The Fullwidth Slider
  • Fixed A Conflict With Coming Soon Mode And The Divi Theme Builder
  • Fixed An Issue With The Divi Assistant Icon Showing Twice In The Visual Builder

1.2.2 June 11, 2024

  • Added A New Checkbox Option In The Export And Import Screens To Choose To Include The Divi Assistant Settings
  • Removed The Premade Layout Option From The New Widow After Clicking The (+) Icon In The Visual Builder In The Latest Divi Update
  • Fixed Current Version Readout In Admin Bar
  • Hid The Clear Divi Cache Buttons In Admin Bar for Subscriber Roles
  • Added Mask To The SMTP Password Input
  • Fixed Issue With Custom Code Disappearing By Removing Duplicate (Empty) Requests When Saving Custom Code
  • Renamed “Global Colors” Tab To “Global Colors Manager”
  • Changed The Temporary Support Access User Language To English Regardless Of Site Language
  • Fixed Issues With Importing Divi Theme Options And Divi Customizer Settings
  • Fixed An Issue With The Coming Soon Mode Bypass Link
  • Improved The Temporary Support Access Feature To Remove The User When The Access Is Disabled
  • Updated The Styles Helper Link Text Styling To Not Affect Menu Links
  • Updated Accessibility Helper Code To Always Focus First On The Skip To Content Button
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper To Fix Missing Social Icons Labels When Adding Social Icons Using Widgets
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Adding Missing Aria Labels For Previous And Next Buttons
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Assigning The Missing Roles In Slider Navigation Control Buttons
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Assigning The Missing menuitem Role In List Items Within The menu
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Adding Aria Attributes To List Items With Submenus To Indicate The Presence Of A Submenu
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Adding An aria-label To The Close Button In The Search Bar Within The Menu
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Including A Submit Button In The Search Bar Within The Menu
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Assigning A role Attribute To The Logo Helper In Divi
  • Improved The Accessibility Helper By Adding A role Attribute To The Submit Button In The Search Module

1.2.1 April 26, 2024

  • Fixed SMTP Related Conflict With wp_mail function
  • Fixed Color Picker In Styles Helper Not Opening

Version 1.2

Divi Assistant Plugin Feature Update 1.1

1.2 April 23, 2024

  • Added Option To Export/Import Divi Theme Options
  • Added Option To Export/Import Divi Customizer Settings
  • Added Option To Export/Import Divi Theme Builder Templates
  • Added Option To Export/Import Divi Module Presets
  • Added Option To Export/Import Divi Library Layouts
  • Added Feature To Manage Your Global Colors – Change Their Order In The Visual Builder, Update Color Values, Add Admin Labels, Add New Colors, Or Delete Existing Colors
  • Added Feature To Use The Image Title Or Filename If No Alt Text Exists
  • Added Feature To Disable Load More button from WordPress Media Library And Restore Infinite Scroll
  • Added A Setting To Hide The Divi Builder Button In The Classic Editor
  • Added SMTP Settings
  • Added Feature To Test Email Sending
  • Added Feature To Enable Secure Temporary Login Access For Our Technical Support Team (Or Others) By Sharing A Special Link
  • Add A Setting To Hide The Find More Layouts Promo In the Premade Layouts Tab
  • Added A Setting To Disable Divi Cloud
  • Added A Feature For Enabling And Setting An Anchor Link Vertical Offset
  • Added Plugin Logo Images To The Import/Export Lists
  • Added Option To Select All Plugins In Export Plugins List
  • Moved The Save Changes Button To The Left
  • Added Another Save Changes Button At The Bottom
  • Rearranged The Order Of The Helpers Tabs
  • Moved The Visual Builder Settings From The Utility Helper To Its Own Visual Builder Helper Tab
  • Improved Some Accessibility Features
  • Improved The Coming Soon Mode Recognizing The Bypass Link Feature For Text Links And Buttons
  • Fixed An Issue Related To The Add And Improve Screen Reader Classes Setting Conflicting With Contact Form Field Labels In The Accessibility Helper
  • Improved Extra Theme Support For All Settings And Features
  • Added More Setting Graphics
  • Updated The Fonts Helper Tab Icons
  • Updated Terminology
  • Fixed An Issue With Hiding Premade Layouts When Using Italian Language
  • Increased The Height Of The Feature Request Form
  • Updated Library Shortcode Code For Global Items
  • Added Plugin Version In Main Divi Assistant Header

1.1.2 February 12, 2024

  • Added A Setting For The Integration Code Editor Minimum Height
  • Added A Setting To Make The Integration Code Editor Height Draggable
  • Added Support For calc(), min(), max(), and clamp() In The Styles Helper
  • Fixed Accessibility Focus Outline Color Issue
  • Improved Export And Import Of Plugin List Based On Text Domain And Slug
  • Added Loader GIF When Installing Plugins From Import List
  • Updated The Feature To Show Theme Builder Template Details When The Template Is Applied To Specific Product Or Project categories.
  • Updated The Code Of The Completely Disable Divi AI Feature To Hide All AI Icons In Divi Modules
  • Added Permalinks Check And Automatically Set To Post Name

1.1.1 January 31, 2024

  • Added Feature To Duplicate Posts And Pages
  • Added Feature To Replace Existing Images
  • Added Started Helper Action To Disable New Comments
  • Added Feature To Completely Disable Comments
  • Added New Divi Cache Tab In The Maintenance Helper
  • Added Feature To Auto-Clear Cache Based On A Schedule
  • Added Feature To Auto-Clear Cache Based On Trigger Actions Such As Exiting The Builder Or Updating Plugins And Themes
  • Moved Settings Related To Clearing Divi Cache, Local Storage, And Hard Refresh To The New Divi Cache Tab In The Maintenance Helper
  • Added Setting To Remove Plugin Data When Uninstalled
  • Improved The Feature To Use The ESC Key To Exit The Visual Builder When The Admin Bar Is Hidden
  • Improved The Remove Themes Startup Action To Include All Themes Except Divi Or An Active Divi Child Theme
  • Improved The Feature To Temporarily Enable SVG Uploads By Disabling The Permission When A Page Is Refreshed Before Uploading
  • Added “I Understand” Checkbox Confirmation When Importing Divi Assistant Settings
  • Added Graphic To Hide Image Title Text Tooltips On Hover
  • Fixed Global Colors Not Showing In Divi Assistant Color Picker Settings
  • Fixed Setting To Hide “Howdy” When Other Languages Used
  • Fixed Some Startup Actions Not Dismissing
  • Depreciated Class To Exclude Styles Helper Due To Complex Issues
  • Disable Coming Soon Mode Or Maintenance Mode When The Other Is Enabled
  • Improved Coming Soon Mode By Adding Cache-Control Headers To Specify No-Store Or No-Cache Directives

Version 1.1

Divi Assistant Plugin Feature Update 1.1

1.1 January 9, 2024

  • Added Plugin Admin Settings To Hide Divi Assistant From Selected Administrator Users
  • Added Settings To Show Which Theme Builder Templates Are Used When Viewing A Page Or Post
  • Added Custom Code Helper Window In Theme Builder Templates
  • Added Startup Helper Action To Remove Default Widgets
  • Added A Green Checkmark When Saving Settings
  • Added A Setting To Hide Button To Explore More Divi Modules In The Add New Module Window
  • Added Global Colors Setup Feature
  • Added Option To Include Global Colors In Divi Assistant Settings Export
  • Added Setting To Swap The Order Of Saved And Global Color Links On All Color Pickers In The Visual Builder
  • Added A Setting To Hide Image Title Tooltips On Hover
  • Added A Feature To Override The Styles Helper Values With The Module Values In Rare Situations If They Are Not Applying By Adding A Custom Class “pac-da-styles-helper-exclude” To A Module
  • Added List of Font Weights Per Font Family For Uploaded Local Fonts In The Fonts Helper
  • Added Child Theme Thumbnail Preview And Filename When Generating A child Theme
  • Added Setting To Hide The Skip Navigation Link For Non-Screen Readers In The Accessibility Helper
  • Improved Automatically Adding px unit in Styles Helper While Skipping When px, em, rem, %, vw, Or vh Are Added
  • Improved Styles Helper Selectors For Slider Module
  • Updated Setting Logic For Hiding Admin Bar And Showing Admin Bar On Hover
  • Fixed The Old Default Heading Showing With Coming Soon Mode
  • Fixed Some Issues And Made Improvements To The Local Font File Uploads

 1.0.4 December 4, 2023

  • Added A Feature To Activate Or Deactivate The Custom PHP Code For Convenient Error Handing In Case Of Errors Without Breaking The Site
  • Fixed An Error With The Coming Soon Bypass Link

 1.0.3 November 29, 2023

  • Added Font Family Search Bar In The Divi Assistant Styles Helper With A Beautiful Dropdown UI
  • Added Link Text Hover Color Setting To The Styles Helper
  • Updated The Link Text Styles Helper Settings To Only Affect Paragraphs And Lists But Not Headings That Are Links
  • Fixed The Coming Soon Bypass Link Not Working
  • Fixed An Issue With Uploaded Fonts Not Deleting

 1.0.2 November 23, 2023

  • Added Buttons To Edit The Selected Layout Or Page For Coming Soon Mode And Maintenance Mode
  • Added A Feature To Override The Default WordPress Environment For Hosting Servers That Do Not Have it Set Properly In The wp-config.php File
  • Added A Dashboard Notice To Inform Admins If The WordPress Setting To Discourage Search Engines From Indexing The Site Is Enabled
  • Added A Utility Feature To Remove “Howdy,” From Admin Bar
  • Updated Helper Tab Logic To Disable Settings Within A Helper If The Entire Helper Is Disabled, But Setting Values Remain And Reactivate If The Helper Is Enabled Again
  • Improved The Sticky Text Editor When Expanded To The Wide Visual Builder Setting Window
  • Improved The Code For The Back To Top Button Styling Settings
  • Improved The Local Font Upload Process By Automatically Setting The Font Name And Expanding The Font Weight Checkboxes
  • Improved The Styles Helper By Automatically Adding The “px” Unit If Not Entered For A Value
  • Updated Custom Coded Editor Window Settings UI
  • Separated The Settings For Draggable Code Editor Height And Minimum Height
  • Fixed Design Setting Priority In Modules To Be Able To Override The Styles Helper Settings
  • Fixed An Issue With The Divi Update Dashboard Notice
  • Updated The Accessibility Helper Code To Remove Underlines From All Divi Module Buttons
  • Improved The Keyboard Navigation Focus Outlines For Menu Links In The Accessibility Helper
  • Add Settings Link To The Plugin Page For Quick Access To Divi Assistant
  • Updated The Greeting Timezones
  • Fixed The Editor Changing To The Classic Editor When Renaming The Projects Post Type

 1.0.1 November 1, 2023

  • Added Feature To Completely Disable The Divi AI Feature From The Divi Builder And Divi Role Editor
  • Added Feature To Bypass The Coming Soon Mode With A Special URL Which Can Be Copied And Shared
  • Added Saved And Global Color Options To Each Color Picker In Our Settings
  • Added Option To Remove Underlines From Menu In The Accessibility Helper
  • Added Divi Search Helper Info To The About Page
  • Fixed An Issue With Some Divi Library Layouts Not Showing In The Coming Soon Mode Page/Layout Dropdown
  • Added Descriptive Error Message Prompts When Generating A Child Theme
  • Added A Scrips.js File To The Child Theme Generator
  • Fixed Scrollbar Colors In Frontend Helper From Affecting Divi Builder Scrollbars
  • Removed The Premade Layouts Option From The Page Creation Flow Popup When Disable Premade Layouts Is Enabled
  • Updated The Reply-To Email To The User’s Email Address For New Feature Idea Form
  • Added Custom Uploaded Fonts To Show In The Font Selection Dropdown In The Customizer
  • Improved Greeting Timezones
  • Updated Various Terminology
  • Updated The Code To Get The Latest Theme Release Post From The Elegant Theme Website
  • Updated The Code To Get The Divi Theme Changelog
  • Updated The Code To Get The Divi Assistant Changelog
  • Fixed Issue With Color Pickers
  • Fixed Issue With Custom Code Editor
  • Fixed Issue With Uploading Custom Fonts

Version 1.0

Divi Assistant Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 1.1.2

 1.0 October 2, 2023

  • Initial Release
Last updated June 20, 2024

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