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Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions for the Divi Assistant Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Troubleshooting & FAQs


If you are facing a technical issue with the Divi Assistant, please check the troubleshooting steps listed below. If the outcome of following the steps below point to an issue with our plugin specifically, please send us a support message. When contacting our support, be sure to let us know if you have already tried these steps to avoid any unnecessary back-and-forth messages.

👉 General Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Clear Cache

We get hundreds of support tickets that are literally just a matter of cache on your site. Cache is a good thing, but it is meant to help on sites that are not changing. But when you are setting up plugins like ours or working in Divi, you need to be clearing the cache all the time. Please check our complete guide on how to clear cache in Divi.

Step 2: Deactivate All Plugins Except Divi Assistant

When working with a 3rd party plugin like ours, the first troubleshooting step is to deactivate all other plugins to isolate the issue and eliminate any conflicts. If this solves the issue, it means the issue is caused by a conflict with another plugin. You can find the plugin that is conflicting by activating your plugin one-by-one, and refreshing the page each time to see if the issue still happens.

Step 3: Deactivate Our Divi Assistant Plugin

You can also test the opposite scenario. If you are facing an issue and are not sure if it is caused by our plugin or not, you can deactivate our plugin and test if the issue only happens when our plugin is active. If the issue continues after our plugin is deactivated, then the issue is not related to our plugin.

Step 4: Let us know if you have completed these steps when you contact our support.

If you have not completed these steps when you contact us, we will ask you about them before we can go any further. So just a heads-up, it will save us both time if these troubleshooting steps are completed first and if you let us know you have done them. Thanks so much!

The Divi Assistant Interface Does Not Load

If you are getting a white screen with a loading spinner after installing and trying to access the Divi Assistant interface, this is due to the site permalinks. Simply go to your WordPress Settings>Permalinks and set them to Post Name. If they are set to Plain it will cause the issue.

I have the membership, but cannot find the license key

We seem to be getting this question a lot, so I wanted to address it here. If you are a member of our Divi Adventure Club, please find the license keys for the products under the parent order. They will not be shown under any renewal order or subscription page. You can learn more in our License Key Management guide.


If you have questions not covered in our documentation, please check the frequently asked questions list below. We always keep this list updated as we notice customers facing the same questions. If your question is not listed here or in the other docs, feel free to send us a message, and we’ll be happy to help.

How does this plugin work?

Whenever the plugin is active on a site using the Divi Theme, a new menu item appears on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard called Divi Assistant. This opens up the plugin's user interface where you can enable and access all the settings and features.

The plugins made of various "helpers" which are categories of related features and settings. You can enable or disable any helper or feature.

Keep in mind our plugin is totally separate from Divi and unaffiliated with Elegant Themes, but everything is made specifically for improving your experience working with Divi.

Are there any new modules?

As of now, this plugin does not add any new custom Divi modules. Instead, it offers a unique collection of handy tools and features in both the backend of your site and in the Visual Builder. Future versions will include more and more features directly within existing Divi modules to provided missing features and settings.

Will this plugin affect performance?

The Divi Assistant plugin is very lean and efficient and should not affect performance in any way. This is great for several reasons.

  • When the plugin is installed, it is like a blank plugin because no settings are enabled by default
  • Each setting is associated with separate code functions. This means the code for each plugin is only activated to run when an individual setting is enabled.
  • The code for each setting is typical very small and follows modern web practices
  • All the code used in the plugin is very high quality, super efficient, and fully optimized.

Which user roles can access the settings?

The entire Divi Assistant menu and settings UI only show for the WordPress Administrator user role. This prevents other user roles from accidentally changing or tampering with the settings.

What new features are coming?

We don't have a detailed public roadmap, but we can give you some teasers! One important thing to keep in mind is the foundational changes of Divi 5.0. After that is released, you can expect Divi Assistant to dramatically expand even more with incredible features built directly into the Visual Builder in existing Divi modules. Our ultimate goal is for Divi Assistant to be installed on every Divi site, without question or hesitation, due to the value it brings. If you have a feature suggestion or idea, please let us know!

Does this work with the Divi Builder plugin?

We created Divi Assistant specifically for the Divi theme. Unfortunately, it will not work with the Divi Builder plugin (with another theme).

Does this work with the Extra theme?

We created Divi Assistant specifically for the Divi Theme. However, a lot of the features should work fine when using the Extra theme. Please keep in mind some of the features are only relevant to the Divi theme, and we make no guarantees with the Extra theme.

Will this be compatible with Divi 5.0?

All the features of our Divi Assistant plugin are strategically created to be future-proof as much as possible and will remain unaffected by the upcoming release of Divi 5.0. This is a testament to its design and strategic approach.

Currently, phase 1 of our flagship Divi Assistant plugin has been adding as many admin tools and helpful utilities as possible without risking any of those being depreciated or broken in Divi 5.0.  Take notice to the features we have released so far none of them are dependent on whether it is Divi 4.x or 5.x, which is part of our strategic development plan. As of now, our plugin includes 135 main features that stand resilient against any potential changes. As you can see, we are deliberately avoiding the inclusion of features that might become redundant or obsolete with the advent of Divi 5.0, while adding a huge range of tremendously helpful features now.

Looking ahead, phase 2 of Divi Assistant will be about enhancing existing Divi modules, potentially adding hundreds or thousands of missing settings and features into the Divi Builder and native Divi modules after Divi 5.0 is finalized. The unique strategy here is simple: since our plugin will be modifying existing modules, it can be safely added and removed as needed. We are preparing quite a list of things that will be added by our plugin post Divi 5.0.

Last updated January 9, 2024

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