Divi Events Calendar Modules Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 2.8

Divi Events Calendar

Easily integrate The Events Calendar plugin into Divi and create beautiful event website using our suite of custom Divi modules to display and style events anywhere in your Divi layout!

From: $45.00 / year

(20 customer reviews)
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Divi Events Calendar Modules Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 2.8

From: $45.00 / year

Divi Events Calendar

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Divi Events Calendar – Annual Unlimited
$45.00 / year
Divi Events Calendar – Lifetime Single
Divi Events Calendar – Lifetime Unlimited


From: $167.00 / year

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Hey there, Divi Users!
Divi Events Calendar Infographic 1
If you want to use and integrate The Events Calendar plugin with Divi, then you need the Divi Events Calendar plugin to add beautiful events to your website using Divi modules!
Events Feed Module Icon

Events Feed

Events Filter Module Icon

Events Filter

Events Calendar Module Icon

Events Calendar

Events Carousel Module Icon

Events Carousel

Events Page Module Icon

Events Page

Events Ticket Module Icon

Events Ticket

Divi Events Calendar Featured On Elegant Themes
It was an honor to have our plugin featured on the Elegant Themes blog as a Divi plugin highlight!
You can now display and style events in Divi using Divi modules anywhere in your Divi layout! You get to choose what to display and how to style it just by turning toggles and adjusting the hundreds of custom Divi settings!

Events Feed Module

Display your events in a beautiful grid or list layout. This module is very versatile with over 153 custom settings and features! Simply using the Divi settings to show, hide, customize, and style everything!

Events Calendar Module

Showcase your upcoming events in a traditional calendar view with hover cards. Customize everything you see with over 122 custom settings and features.

Events Filter Module

Search and filter events in the Events Feed module with our new filters! The module allows you to choose and build your filters however you want. This includes the ability to add, remove, rearrange the filters and style them with at least 58 different settings. There are design settings for all the filters, active filters, and each individual filter, including the dropdown menus and dropdown text, giving you complete control over every aspect of the filters design.

Events Page Module

You can finally design your single event pages with the Divi Builder! This module has settings to show all of the event data however you want in a Divi layout in a Theme Builder template with a total of 85 custom settings!

Events Ticket Module BETA!

This is brand new and still very basic, but it functions well for one purpose. It allows you to show tickets and RSVP information when using the free Event Tickets addon from The Events Calendar with Divi. Without this module, it is impossible to show the tickets the event page using Divi.

Events Ticket Module frontend for the Divi Events Calendar Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Enjoy These Incredible Features!

This plugin has everything you need to display and customize events in Divi!
Includes over 427 custom settings + many default Divi settings!

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Multiple Content Layouts

Choose to display your events feed or carousel in any column number or layout alignment you choose!

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Stacked Options

All of the feed and carousel content layouts have the option to stack the event details on their own lines.

Pee Aye Creative Icons 11

Use Icons Or Labels

Add attractive icons or labels beside each of the event details to add beauty and a helpful user experience.

dynamic content

Dynamic Content

Enable dynamic content to automatically display category pages and search results in a Theme Builder template.

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Hide or Show Anything

Use toggles to show or hide event details, buttons, pagination, images, titles, icons, lables, and so much more!

text style

Full Text Styling

Includes settings in each module to style the text like event titles, event details, excerpts, days on the calendar, etc.

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Content Display Features

Adjust date and time format, filter by category, limit excerpt length, set event count, turn on dynamic content, etc.


Divi Theme Builder

Use our modules in the Theme Builder templates for single events pages, categories, and search results.

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Individual Event Styles

Control the individual events margin, padding, background color, border settings, and box shadows.

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Default Divi Options

Besides the custom settings, enjoy all the standard Divi module settings and features found in normal Divi modules!

Pee Aye Creative Icons 37

Customizable Buttons

All the buttons in our modules can have custom text and use all the normal button design styles and icon settings.

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Featured Image Control

Style your event feed and carousel featured images with border, spacing, box shadow, and width settings.

What Happy Users Say

This is a great way to bring the most popular events calendar straight to the Divi Visual Builder. There are so many options to be able to customize your events that you will be able to brand it to your site simply and easily.

~ Josh Collier

“Nelson did a great job in creating this plugin to integrate the Events Calendar with the Divi Builder. It is really simple to display events on any page on your site and showing just the details that matter. Using the included design features it has never been this easy to add events into the Divi Builder.”

~ Christian van 't Hof

Divi Events Calendar Modules Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 2.8

Divi Events Calendar

(20 customer reviews)
Divi Events Calendar – Annual Unlimited
$45.00 / year
Divi Events Calendar – Lifetime Single
Divi Events Calendar – Lifetime Unlimited


From: $167.00 / year

Annual Or Lifetime Options

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The possibilities are growing as we continue to add new features to the plugin. We also have docs and tutorials to help you get the most out of the features!
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Why Choose This Product?

  • Integrates The Events Calendar with Divi, and is the only option available for this
  • The modules are fully featured and mature with every setting we can think to add
  • We are a top-rated Divi product creator and community leader
  • Our proven track record of continuous feature updates and improvements
  • We are known for fast, friendly, and personal support
  • Our products come with thorough and helpful documentation
  • Thousands of happy customers who love and trust our products
The Divi Teacher Logo
Hello, I’m Nelson Miller, the owner of this company. I created this plugin so you can quickly and natively display and style events directly in the Divi builder! I truly hope you enjoy this product!

Which purchase option should I choose?

Great question! As you can see we offer several purchase options. These are the licenses that determine how your product can be used. 

The Annual Unlimited license is great for anyone who wants to use this product on multiple websites for an affordable yearly fee.

The Lifetime Single license is perfect if you only plan to use the plugin on one site and you don't want to pay recurring fees. 

The Lifetime Unlimited license is ideal for anyone who wants use this product on multiple sites and is okay with spending a lot more upfront to advoid recurring fees. 

Please review our Product License Policy to learn more about what each license means and what is included.

How do I receive updates?

Our products are eligible for automatic updates to all customers with an active product license. Any time we push out an update with new features, improvements, or bug fixes, you will see a notification in your WordPress dashboard. If we have a big update with important information we will also send out an email, so be sure to stay subscribed for that information.

Please refer to our Product Updates guide for more information about how you can receive product updates.

Do you offer product support?

Absolutely, we are always happy to help you with anything related to our products. If you have any question or encounter some issue, please visit our Docs & Support area. You should find everything you need there, but if you still need help you can use the contact support form at the bottom of any of our documentation pages.

If you want to learn how our product support works and what is included, please visit our Product Support Policy for more information.

Do you offer refunds?

Our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee and policy is based on some standard and fair criteria which is all clearly detailed in our Product Refund Policy. We encourage you to review the document and reach out to us if you have any doubts about your purchase. We are down-to-earch folks who will treat you with integrity, so feel free to start a friendly conversation with us at any time.

How do I use and manage the license keys?

A product license key is a series of numbers and letters that is generated when you purchase our products. This key is used to connect the product which you install on your website with your account here, which allows you to receive automatic updates and support for your product. You can learn how to find, add, delete, deactivate, and generate keys in the Product License Key Management documenation.

20 reviews for Divi Events Calendar

  1. Waheed

    Thank you for a great plugin, Nelson!
    I want to design a venue and organizers page using a theme builder. When someone will click on the name of the organizer or venue, he/she will be redirected to the specific page which talked about that specific organizer or venue. I want to design archive pages and single pages for the venue and organizer. Is it possible?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Waheed,
      I’m glad you are enjoying the plugin! Yes, if you have TEC Pro you can link to the venue and orgizer pages from our modules! If you need anything else be sure to send us a message!

  2. Sarah Austin (verified owner)

    A great plugin, highly recommended. I wasn’t keen on using the basic Events Calendar plugin due to my client’s strict design guidelines and the limited styling options it offers. But with Nelson’s plugin that’s all changed. Using the page templates he offers is hugely helpful too, and within a day I had the perfect Event Feed and single event page set-up. The number of styling options is unbelievable. Happy client. Thanks Nelson.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      That is wonderful to hear, thank you Sarah! I am glad you are enjoying all the features and freedom this creates for adding events in Divi!

  3. Alan Omlin (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Divi Events Calendar for a couple of months now and have been blown away by the usefulness and the top-notch support provided by Nelson. He was always quick to respond to my questions and was incredibly helpful in getting me set up and running with the calendar. The plugin itself is a must-buy if you want to use The Events Calendar Plugin together with Divi. It’s customizable to a huge extent, and allows me to manage a large number of events without issues. Moreover, new features are added regularly so it just becomes even more useful with time.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much, Alan! I love the way you put this so well, and it really means a lot to hear. We are so happy you find it valuable and enjoy using it, and we hope to continue to add even more great features and improvements! Take care!

  4. Diego Ingegneri (verified owner)

    Great plugin !!!

  5. Derek Bird (verified owner)

    It just works, and tons of sample layouts that are professional and clean. Love the plugin, the support and the consistency.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Derek, we are so happy to hear this, thank you for sharing your review!

  6. Roeby

    Divi Events Calendar works great. Had some minor issues with my theme but Nelson solved it very quick. Very good support

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Roeby, we appreciate your review!

  7. Joy Todd (verified owner)

    Divi Events Calendar works great. However, what is even better is how responsive and helpful Nelson and his team is. I highly recommend.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Oh thank you so much for sharing, so happy like like the plugin! It is always a pleasure.

  8. Nasah

    Great product.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you Nasah, so glad you like it!

  9. Anne Meurer (verified owner)

    The Divi Events Calendar plugin has been a great help to me. I use the Events Calendar for a radio show to keep “show notes” where people can go and find out more information about the guests we’ve had on the show. This plugin by Peeaye Creative has made it work better than a blog for me in that people can easily find information. The best part, however, about working with Peeaye Creative is their great customer support. They even helped me with a problem unrelated to their products. THANK YOU!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Anne,
      I am so glad to hear this plugin is helpful! It’s so nice to hear your use case is working out, and it is always pleasure to assist where we can 🙂

  10. James Williamson (verified owner)

    The Divi Events Calendar was already a brilliant product. It made it so easy for me, a non-coder, to integrate events into my website in a professional style. The feature release 2.1 has enhanced it even further. I see so many products where the ‘new features’ mess around the edges and add nothing of value. Not so when Nelson is involved. The release adds many little innovations that make my events eye catching, the callout box is one example. I use the Feed, Calendar and List and can style these basically any way I want. Well done Nelson.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much James! Your review is very nice and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to share. I love refining the plugin and I can truly say it is now mature. But we can keep going, and just today I am testing a new feature that will make everyone very happy. So yes, we love adding new features and will continue to do that as long as we can! Thanks for loving the plugin! 🙂

  11. Louis Fuiano (verified owner)

    Okay, so just found these guys and I’m happy I did. I have been working with client sites of various shapes and sizes, and handling events is never a satisfying task… Until now. The Divi Events Calendar is a seamless solution for all of us who choose to design and build in Divi. It intuitively leverages all of the Divi modules and design tools like theme builder and dynamic content, so that we can build in the same design language in our events pages, feeds and sliders.

    The design and functionality of these components has never been fun for us. It always required additional time spent trouble-shooting, testing and ultimately convincing the client that it was good enough. I can now hold my head up. Thanks Pee-Aye Creative for making this available!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Louis,
      I loved hearing your story! Thanks for sharing this feedback, I am so excited that you have found the plugin and are using it to your advantage! I really appreciate the review, and look forward to many more feature updates in the future!

  12. Gael Doorneweerd-Perry (verified owner)

    The Divi plugin for Event Calendar is becoming more amazing by the day. They just released an update that makes it completely customizable, in a very simple and instinctive way, and all that is very well integrated in Divi themes (including Extra).

    I find the support documents (videos, tutorials, and most of all the contact through email) very on point, with great reactivity. The customer service by Nelson is efficient, professional and friendly.

    It’s definitely a must have, and I can’t wait for more evolutions!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much, Gael! This is really nice and I’m so glad you appreciate all we are doing! We look forward to what is to come as well!

  13. Tomas Mensik

    The Events feed module is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for perfect and very fast customer service and support. The calendar module is also good. Great job, thanx a lot 🙂

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you Tomas, I appreciate that! We are so glad you like this and we are always here to help when needed!

  14. Mark Dalley

    I recently became aware of this plugin through Pee Aye Creative’s outstanding blog and YouTube channel. I’ve been using Modern Tribe’s Event Calendar plugin on several client sites that need event scheduling. I have really struggled with making the events and archive pages look decent and consistent with the rest of the site.

    After installing the Divi Events Calendar on my current project, I realized right away just how great it is. The plugin is super easy to configure and start using right away. And, Nelson has put together understandable tutorials, documentation and demos to make it even easier. In no time, I was able to style events and archives that look fantastic.

    If you’re using Event Calendar, you definitely need this plugin. The Divi Events Calendar plugin would be amazing on it’s own. Combined with Nelson’s thoughtful, responsive customer service, it’s the best plugin purchase I’ve made all year. Thanks, Nelson!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Mark, this is really meaningful feedback and I am truly grateful for it! Thanks for taking the time to share! 🙂

  15. Gérald (verified owner)

    Awesome modules! They successfully combine the power of The Events Calendar with the convenience of the Divi page builder. Our website makes heavy use of The Events Calendar and the Divi theme. Therefore the Divi Events Calendar is of utmost significance for us, and we are really happy with it.

    It has to be mentioned that Nelson offers great support and has a real development plan for this module. I feel very confident by using it!

    If you enjoy Divi and The Events Calendar, don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend this module enough considering it’s usefulness and the incoming awesome features.

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Gérald! I appreciate you taking the time to let others know. We have thousands of happy users now and I will continue to add more features as well!

  16. Dorsey Coe (verified owner)

    I have several clients on all sorts of calendar plugins both paid and free. Since trying your plugin I’m going to have to recommend they all ditch their “other” events plugins and use the events calendar and the Divi events module. Nothing looks better, or is faster to implement or easier to use. In addition, nothing comes close to the styling abilities – you have opened up the world of events in the same way that Divi opened up the world of WordPress. Designers love options and Business people love reasonable pricing. Congratulations, you’ve satisfied both sides of my brain!

    • Nelson Lee Miller (aka The Divi Teacher) (verified owner)

      Hi Dorsey,
      This is such an honor! Thank you so much for sharing this, I truly appreciate it!

  17. Emanuel

    Hello, thanks for the great plugin! It works like a charm!

    Best regards.

  18. David Miller (verified owner)

    Nelson Miller has come up with a superb plugin that gives you NEW DIVI MODULES to display calendar events entered into another third-party plugin. Instead of having to create calendar events in the non-Divi plugin, then figure out how to get those events onto your Divi posts and then style them, you can use the Divi modules you’re already familiar with. I am particularly impressed with two things in addition to the quality of this plugin: First, it’s a one-time price for lifetime support and upgrades, and NOT those pesky ongoing fees. This is a huge thing for me and I hope Nelson continues this policy. Second, as another reviewer has said, Nelson has incredible customer service, and interacts with his customers like real people and not like so many vendors do as though we are numbers on a spreadsheet. If you’ve been interacting with vendors even a fraction as long as I have, you understand how valuable this personal touch can be. Two thumbs up to Nelson and his plugin.

  19. Raúl Galavíz (verified owner)

    I purchased and installed this plugin on my site and it has given me the freedom I was looking to use Theevents Calendar on my DIVI site.

    It took me a while to realize that with this plugin you really don’t need the pro version of TheeventsCalendar, with that saving only this plugin pays for itself. I WISH I HAD FOUND IT BEFORE 🙂

    I totally recommend it.

  20. William Ward (verified owner)

    This is a very good start. The plugin has lots of potential and it’s very great how it plugs right into the Divi design ecosystem. There are a few things that are going to put this plugin on steroids, especially with introduction of Divi theme builder: a) the ability to add event search/filter capabilities on event archive themes b) links to categories and tags on the archive pages c) flexibility to add single event layouts.

    If it were possible to add a sixth star, I would, due to the exceptional customer service that Nelson has provided and how responsive he has been to inquiries made. I look forward to seeing the plugin evolve!

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