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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Plugins, Child Themes, & Layouts

Our Divi plugins, child themes, and layout packs all advertise a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee.” This guarantee and policy is based on the following three things:

  1. Accuracy in our product descriptions
  2. Quality in our products
  3. Friendly helpful support

If those criteria are not met, we will refund your money within 30 days from the purchase. Please contact us to get started.

By purchasing any product from our site, you agree to the product refund policy as stated here in this document and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment, or legal actions.


Due to the nature of online learning courses, we do not advertise the same refund guarantee, and we normally cannot offer a refund unless you have not started the course yet. It would be weird for us to give a refund after you have taken a course and absorbed the knowledge, right? However, if there is ever any issue, you should contact us and have a conversation!


Our Divi Adventure Club membership comes with either annual or lifetime options. The membership includes all the access to our products, courses, and other exclusive resources, so it becomes rather tricky to say whether we offer refunds or not. In general, we do not give refunds for memberships. However, we are leaving this up to the individual situation to override this, so if you have any issue or want a refund, you should contact us and explain the situation, and we’ll come to a fair conclusion. However, we will need to deduct the processing fees from the refund amount in this situation.


As indicated in our terms and conditions, we do not offer refunds on automatic subscription renewals. We try hard to make it very clear when you are purchasing a subscription that it will automatically renew each year. 

“Questions Asked” Policy

We’re friendly and reasonable, but as fair warning, we will probably ask questions. This may be different from other companies who claim “no questions asked,” but we’re not other companies! We are a small family company, and we believe in relationships, so we’re not ashamed of asking questions and having a conversation with you. So don’t take this as a threat, but instead as an opportunity to respect us, and we will respect you in return.

For example, if you send us a message asking for a refund with no context, vague info, or inaccurate assessments, we will ask for the reasons and require there to be a valid one. It helps us both to have proper closure and ensure everything is as it should be with our products.

    Did you know we lose out on the processing fees from PayPal and Stripe when we give a refund? That’s right, so for example, if we gave a refund of $100, we just lost $3.98, so you can see why we take this seriously.

    Reasons We Will Happily Give A Refund

    Refunds will be offered at our sole discretion based on the guarantee and policies stated in this document. In some situations, we reserve the right to reduce the payment processing fee from the total refunded amount, for example, for any exception to the policy we make or if there is no fault of our own. Refunds must meet the following conditions, and if so, then you may ask for and receive a refund:

    • If the product does not work as described in the description or details
    • If there is an issue with our product that our support team cannot resolve in a reasonable time that makes it unusable
    • If the product works fine, but you changed your mind and can prove you are no longer using Divi or our plugin

    Reasons We May Hesitate And/Or Refuse To Give A Refund

    Here are some questionable things we take into consideration:

    • You are still using all or most of the product on one or more of your websites.
    • You refuse to cooperate with our support or refuse to give us access to your site according to instructions.
    • You purchased the product more than 30 days ago
    • You ignored subscription renewal reminders, but once the subscription renewed, you suddenly want to cancel and refund the renewal payment. Our terms of service state that we cannot give refunds on subscription renewals. If we choose to make an exception, be aware we will subtract any payment processing fees per our terms of service.
    • You have not showed us that the product is removed
    • You are lying and trying to scam us (yes this happens)
    • You are having a bad day and are just taking it out on us
    • You bought the product without reading all the description, demos, docs, etc.
    • You are using an outdated version of Divi/WordPress/Product
    • Your hosting server does not meet the recommended Divi requirements
    • Your local or live server/website has other issues beyond our control and responsibility
    • Updates to the Divi Theme or Divi Builder may sometimes include features that we already have in our 3rd party products. Since no one knows what features Elegant Themes has planned, this unfortunately is not possible to avoid as the core of Divi continues to get better. Many 3rd party Divi developers face this same issue, and it would not be feasible for us as innovators and problem solvers to simply give refunds to every customer if a feature in our products becomes obsolete. As always, we will use discretion and fairness in all matters and continue to add even more valuable features to each product.

    How To Ask For A Refund

    If your situation fits one of the happy reasons above, then go ahead and continue with the steps below and kindly ask for a refund.

    1. Uninstall The Product

    Please uninstall the product from any website where it was installed and deactivate the license key(s) before proceeding. We will check all websites where the license key is active before initiating the refund to make sure you are not still using it. 

    2. Cancel Your Subscription

    This step is required and shows us that you are serious enough to offset some of the administrative burden on our end by cancelling the subscription yourself. You can do this from your account subscriptions page.

    3. Go To Support Page

    Start by going to our dedicated support page. Select the option “Account & Billing” and then select the option “Refund Request” from the list.

    4. Explain The Reason

    Please provide a good reason from the list of samples above. There are good reasons for a refund, but we need to hear you explain it to us. (If we don’t receive any reason, we will ask!)

    5. Provide Order Details

    Please provide your order number and email address. This will help us located your order correctly and quickly. You can locate this in your account or in the order confirmation email in your inbox. It will be a six-digit number.

    We Will Initiate The Refund

    Once we have confirmed your details, reason, and verify that all parts of our product are removed, we will initiate the refund via your original payment method. You should then receive an automated email from either PayPal or Stripe.

    Keep in mind the license keys will no longer work, meaning updates, supports, and downloads are no longer possible. If you ever need our product again in the future, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will answer any questions you may have at that time.

    Last updated March 8, 2024

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