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Affiliate Signup and Login Information by Pee Aye Creative

Affiliate Account Overview

To access your affiliate account, simply log into your account at This will bring you to the main account dashboard. Click on “Affiliates” from the left-hand side. This will bring up the Affiliates Dashboard Overview.

Affilate Account Area Pee Aye Creative

About The New Signup Process

Until recently, anyone could sign up as an affiliate partner by simply clicking the public link and filling out the form. Unfortunately, I never got to know anyone, have a conversation, or build a relationship first. Usually someone signed up with good intentions, but never even used the affiliate links and therefore never made a sale. Others who have an audience and put forth some effort are making money, and I wanted to make this better for all of us. This has led to my new signup process, which requires new affiliate partners to start with a simple conversation.

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