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Feature Comparison vs Monarch for the Divi Social Sharing Buttons Maker Module Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Monarch Feature Comparison

Feature Ours Monarch
Divi Module
Divi Integration
Divi Theme Builder Compatible
Use Anywhere In A Divi Layout
Design Settings
Responsive Settings
Icon Design Settings
Custom Button Text
Familiar Interface
Custom Sharing Image
Custom Sharing Title
Custom Sharing Text
Custom Sharing Link
Active Development + Future Plans
Floating/Fixed Position
Choose Colors
Social Networks (so far) 13 20
Orientation/Layouts 5+ 3
Target Audience Divi WordPress
Live Share Counts

Does Monarch have some features that ours does not? Absolutely! But are they necessary? Hmm, not sure. Maybe the proper question should be if they are valuable to the bottom line.

Our social sharing module is meant to work seamlessly and beautifully with Divi, whereas Monarch is made for WordPress in general. That right there should be a bit of a red flag.

Keep in mind that our module can be added anywhere, such as in a Theme Builder template. But there’s does not even have a shortcode!

Admittedly we don’t have quite as many social networks yet, but adding more networks means more API connections and a little more strain on the server, so we are adding new networks wisely. Let us know which ones to add next!

One of the few things that Monarch has that ours doesn’t is live share counts. But this is intentional, I currently have no desire to develop that. Those are nasty for page performance, and are not necessary in our opinion. If we get some requests for it, maybe we will do it. But first, think through this scenario with me. Imagine you write a great blog post, are very proud of it. But your post says zero shares. Nobody cares 🙁 That doesn’t look very great, does it? It is more hassle and performance comprises than it is worth, IMHO. Let us know if you disagree and convince me to add them! 🙂

The Divi Social Sharing Buttons are thoughtful. Have we missed something? Probably, please tell us! We want to continue making this plugin better and better!

Last updated November 21, 2023

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