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How To Hide The Premade Divi Layouts

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In this tutorial I will show you how to easily hide the premade Divi layouts using the Divi Assistant plugin.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

The Divi Premade layouts feature appears when you click the plus (+) icon in the page settings of the Visual m This feature is called “Load From Library” but it also includes the premade layouts.

load premade Divi library layouts from library in the Visual Builder

This screen opens up as a large window with tabs at the top for Premade Layouts, Your Saved Layouts, and Your Existing Pages. 

disable premade Divi layouts in the Visual Builder

Another place you can access the Premade Layouts is when you create a new page or post. It always pops up with these options:

disable the new Divi page options to use a premade Divi layouts in the Visual Builder

So the task is to remove the premade layouts from each of these places.

Why No Code Snippet?

Notice that the Premade Layouts in the first screenshot above are shown by default as the active tab. This is why it is not just as simple as hiding the tab with CSS, because the layouts are actually loaded. Our feature in Divi Assistant hides the tab AND prevents the layouts from loading – not an easy task!

I do like to provide code snippets for almost all of our tutorials, but there are some cases where it would just not be feasible. Even when we do tutorials about features in Divi Assistant or other plugins, we try to provide the code to give you the option of using code or a setting.  But this one is complicated, and is not something you can simply hide with CSS. It took a lot of work to figure out how to achieve it well, especially when reloading the Visual Builder. So for disabling the Divi Premade layouts, the only method available in the world is to use Divi Assistant.

how to hide premade layouts using the Divi Assistant plugin

After enabling the setting, the next time you click the Load From Library icon from within the builder, the tab and layouts will not be shown, and instead the Your Saved Layouts will be shown by default as the active tab.

hide and disable the premade Divi layouts in the Visual Builder with Divi Assistant

Enabling this feature will also automatically hide the premade layout option when starting a new page or post:

add new page with the option to load premade layouts disabled by Divi Assistant

You can still access the Divi Premade layouts on their own website if you want to reference them.

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  1. Rod Kesselring

    This is great! Question? how do you keep clients from being able to reverse this by either uninstalling the plugin or going in and changing the settings?


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