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Divi Responsive Helper Plugin Feature Update 2.4

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I'm excited to announce an update to our popular Divi Responsive Helper plugin with several new menu and other enhancements.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Features

Improve Menu Settings

We noticed one of the main points of confusion was the settings for either the Menu module in the Theme Builder or the default header menu. To make this as clear as possible, we have added a new setting “Enable Settings For Default Header Menu” which will hide all the default header settings when disabled, and reveal them when enabled. This will be disabled by default.

enable the default header menu setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

In an effort to make it as clear as possible, we also added (Default Header) to each of the setting labels.

enabled default header menu setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

Added Responsive Setting For Image Module Lightbox

We are excited to add the missing responsive tabs for the Image module link to open in a lightbox or not per device. So now you can enable this or disable this setting per device, such as to disable it on mobile.

added new responsive option to open the image link in lightboxin the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

Collapsible Submenu Icon And Background Color Settings

By default, the icon color for the icon that appears when you enable the collapse submenu feature inherits the theme accent color for the Customizer. However, we heard from users that they wanted control over this, so we have added color picker settings for both the icon and the icon background color.

collapsible submenu icon color setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4
collapse mobile menu submenu icon color setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

Inherit Design Settings For Menu Text Beside Hamburger Icon

One of the common feature requests we get is about styling the “Menu” text feature beside the hamburger icon on mobile. Instead of adding separate new design settings for this, we decided on a better idea to inherit the same styles as the “Menu Text” toggle in the Design tab.

inherit design settings for menu text beside hamburger icon in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

Added New Feature Close Mobile Menu By Clicking Outside The Dropdown

If you are viewing a Divi site on mobile and open the menu, but then want to close it, you may tend to click (or touch) the area around the outside of the dropdown, thinking it will work like other apps and close the menu. But not so, it does not do that in Divi. So we created a setting to do just that, now you can close the mobile menu by clicking outside it!

close mobile menu dropdown by clicking outside menu setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.3

Added New Feature Mobile Menu Scrollable Height

You may find if you have too many menu items in your Divi menu that it will expand down below the screen, making some of the items cut off and out of reach. The background of the page scrolls, but the dropdown menu remains stationary by default. This quite the problem, and I am happy to say that our plugin solves this with a new setting that will allow you to make the mobile menu scrollable and set the height of the scrollable area.

set the mobile menu scrollable height setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.3

Added Feature To Show Viewport Size In Admin Bar

We already had the feature to show the viewport size in the Visual Builder when you are adjusting the preview size, but now we also added this optional feature to the top right corner of the WordPress admin bar.

show viewport size in admin bar setting in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4
show viewport size in admin bar in the Divi Responsive Helper 2.4

Documentation & Demos

Don’t forget, we have a live demo site showing all the features. We keep our changelog updated always. And be sure to browse the documentation to see everything in detail.

Learn More About Divi Responsive Helper

If you are not using this plugin yet, please visit the product page and learn how you can use make your website look great and function well on all devices with the help of our huge suite of over 50 awesome features and unique settings in this ultimate Divi responsive toolkit!

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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