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Divi Carousel Maker Plugin Feature Update 1.1

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I'm happy to announce a new version update to our Divi Carousel Maker plugin with new features and lots of foundational improvements!

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Features And Settings

Left Navigation Icon

You can choose any icon you want for the left/previous navigation arrow using any of the icons built into the ETModules Font Family that comes included with Divi.

Divi Carousel Maker Left Navigation Arrow Icon Picker

Right Navigation Icon

You can choose any icon you want for the right/next navigation arrow using any of the icons built into the ETModules Font Family that comes included with Divi.

Divi Carousel Maker Right Navigation Arrow Icon Picker

Starting Module Order

This is a new setting that provides two new options for the order in which the modules are displayed in the carousel.

  • Default
  • Random
  • Specific Module

The default setting means the modules will show in descending order according to how the modules are arranged in the column. The module at the top will be the first one in the carousel.

If you do not want the modules to show in the default order you could try the random setting. This will show the modules in a different random order every time the page loads.

If you want to start on a specific module then you can choose this option. A new setting will appear below to set the number.

Choose a default or random module start order the Divi Carousel Maker

Specific Starting Module Number

If you want the carousel to start on a specific module, you can choose the Specific Module option from the Starting Module Order setting. Then this new setting will appear to enter a number that represents that module. This module will be the first one that shows when the page loads.

Start the carousel on a specific module in the Divi Carousel Maker

 Touch Swipe

This setting enable the ability to swipe the carousel modules with your finger on touch enabled devices. If this was disabled then the alternative would be to only use the navigation buttons.

Touch Swipe setting in the Divi Carousel Maker

Mouse Drag

This setting enable the ability to drag the carousel modules with your mouse. If this was disabled then the alternative would be to only use the navigation buttons.

Mouse Drag setting in the Divi Carousel Maker

General Improvements

Setting Toggles

We have a lot of settings! And this number is only going to grow and grow as we release more of our planned feature updates. So we did what we should have done from the start, separated the settings into toggles. Now things are organized exactly like in the documentation. This is all subject to change a little here and there, but this will certainly make things more organized and effecient.

Divi Carousel Maker Design Setting Toggles

Divi Dependency Message

Sometimes people forget and try to add a Divi specific plugin when they do not have Divi installed. So we usually add this code checker to our plugins to check if Divi is installed, and if not found it will give this message.

Divi Theme Dependency Check for Divi Carousel Maker

Foundational Improvements

Updated The Plugin File Structure

We started working on the Divi Carousel Maker concept in September of 2020, but didn’t release it until May 2021. For this version 1.1 update we took a step back and gave all of the code a fresh and thorough review. This is because we have huge plans for the plugin, and we wanted to make sure everything is perfect before we get into further development of more features. We were able to make some beneficial changes to the codebase.

Optimized Performance

Another part of this code review was to optimize the performance as much as possible. Actually our module is surprisingly lightweight already, but we found some ways to make it better.

We were previously registering several scripts on frontend that were enqueue on every page where the carousel was not being used. ng instead of this we will only register scripts where carousel is only being used. Now in version 1.1 the plugin scripts will only render where the carousel is being used. Aside from that, we have minified the scripts.

Bug Fixes

Created Smooth Load Transition

A customer noticed that the carousel would sometimes load with a glitchy looking quick slide animation. We believe this is solved now, creating a much smoother initial carousel load.

Fixed A Bug Causing The Carousel To Randomly Turn Off

We had a few customers report that their carousel was randomly turning off. Oddly enough, we couldn’t replicate this on our own sites. We finally managed to track down the issue, and it was very difficult and time consuming. We are confident it is fixed now.

We also fixed a related issue caused by border settings in the column that where a carousel is activated.

Other Minor Improvements

Sometimes when debugging one thing we find others. We made several small improvements to the code here and there.

There was a weird issue with Person modules and Testimonial modules. If they were in the carousel and displaying fullwidth, the image was moving to the top instead of at the side like normal. This is fixed now.


Don’t forget about our demos! We will kep updating these as we add new features and updates.

It is actually difficult to make adequate demos of a this plugin since the design possibilities are totally wide open! Whatever you can design in Divi you can do with this carousel! We do want to make sure you see how many settings are included though, so we have created a variety of carousel demos showing some of the many possible layouts, settings, controls, and effects.’

The current demos are focused on showcasing the functionality. But in the future we hope to make some more stylized demos that you can download and use.


As with all of our products, every setting and feature of the plugin is well documented! Every time we release a new update, we also have the documentation updated as well! So you can always check there for more information about any of the new features.

Go check out the plugin documentation area for a full list of the design settings, a guide to set up and customize the carousel, and all the other usual resources like FAQ, changelog, roadmap, and more.

Divi Carousel Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

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  1. Andreas

    Hi Nelson, this is outstanding, thank you for the hard work!
    I’m especially happy to see the random order setting – really appreciate you implementing this suggestion!

    Will try it out very soon – need to finish other development first
    Thank you again.


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