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How To Add A Category Featured Image In Divi

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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add a category image and description in Divi and dynamically in the Theme Builder template.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

1. Install The Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin

Not Available By Default

Since this is not a feature that comes in WordPress or Divi by default, we first need to get this functionality. You may be tempted to try a few free plugins in the WordPress repository to add an image to a category, but none of them will do the most important feature of actually making this image usable.

The Only Solution For Divi

The only solution to dynamically add a category featured image to a Divi Theme Builder category template is with our plugin Divi Taxonomy Helper.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Perhaps you are not familiar with it, or even with taxonomies, and that’s okay. It’s a very simple plugin to learn, and very affordable. A taxonomy is just a fancy term for something like a category or tag. We noticed this feature was missing, and the need to enhance category pages, so we created this plugin as the only solution available for Divi users. If you are a member of our Divi Adventure Club, simply go to your account and download the plugin and install it on your site. Otherwise, you can purchase the plugin to proceed with the same steps.

select the taxonomy in WordPress
viewing a list of categories with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

It couldn’t get much easier than that. After an image has been added, you can easily replace or remove it. To replace an image, click the Upload/Add Image button again and select your image. To remove an image, click the Remove button.

adding an image to a taxonomy term with the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

 3. Add A Description To Categories

Along with the image, you can add an optional category description. The description field comes by default with WordPress, and Divi has a dynamic content option for using this in the Theme Builder templates, which is great.  I recommend adding descriptions to all your taxonomies so that they can be used in the category template or in our Taxonomies module.

adding category images to the image module in Divi with dynamic content
adding category images to the background of a Divi section with dynamic content
adding category featured image to the image module in Divi with dynamic content

Be sure to check the video of this tutorial to see more and to the results!

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