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How To Export The Active Divi Child Theme To Reuse On Another Site

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In this tutorial I will show you how to export a Divi child theme and reuse it on another site to save time when creating new sites.

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Export Active Divi Child Theme

This feature will export the currently active child theme of Divi. This means of course that the Divi Theme must be installed as well, but the child theme is the one that is active and shows on the top-left of the Themes screen in Appearance>Themes.

export the active Divi child theme

You are certainly welcome to try our child theme generator, but it is not required for this feature to work.

The process is extremely easy. Simply go to Divi Assistant>Startup Helper>Generate/Export Child Theme and click the blue “Export Active Child Theme” button.

BEFORE EXPORT: One thing to keep in mind before exporting is to consider what custom code or files you want to be included. I personally would check over the child theme files and organize, format, and optimize the code. This is because I would want it to be as good as possible since I know it will be reused many times on other sites in the future.

Import The Divi Child Theme

Now the next time you create a new Divi website, you can choose to reuse the exported child theme from the previous site. This can be a huge time saver, depending on what custom coding you have included in your child theme that you want to reuse on each site.

The process for importing the exported child theme is actually just the same as installing the Divi Theme. After you have the Divi Theme installed and active, go to Appearance>Themes>Upload Theme and select the child theme zip file from wherever you saved it during the export process. Click the buttons and prompts to install and active the theme, and now you have successfully exported and reused Divi child theme on a separate site!

how to Export the Active Child Theme using the Divi Assistant plugin

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