Pee Aye Creative Newsletter Recap of December 2023

Pee-Aye Creative Monthly Newsletter For December 2023

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Welcome to the Pee-Aye Creative monthly newsletter recap for the month of December 2023 with family, Divi, and product news.

Divi News

We have a lot of Divi news, but the biggest news this month is about the new Divi interface coming along with Divi 5.0. This was previously unannounced and was not initially planned, but Nick Roach explained that it makes sense to do the interface change along with the 5.0 foundation change.

The other news in the same Divi 5 update was a teaser about the Divi Layouts AI coming in January, which will create a layout for you based on a prompt. This does appear to be pretty basic, but Nick explained in the comments that this is just a starting point similar to the premade layouts, and in the future it will be able to do more specific things.

Elegant Themes released an important Divi update to version 4.23.2 on December 20 with some security updates, bug fixes, and improvements. There were also two small follow-up updates. 

Divi 5.0 Dev Beta versions 7, 8, and 9 were released during December with a lot of developer documentation improvements. Next, we are promised a new way to auto generate standard module settings for developers when building modules, so we are anxious to see that in January’s Dev Beta releases. The next phase after Dev Beta is Public Alpha, which will be suitable for building new websites but will not yet work for existing websites. I expect this to be available in March or April 2024.

Product News

Here is all the product news for this month!

Divi Assistant Update Coming Soon!

We have a huge Divi Assistant 1.1 update coming in the first week of January! You can check the changelog to see what is coming, and be sure to watch the blog, YouTube channel, and The Divi Teacher Facebook group for the release details.

(3) Other Planned Updates For January

We have huge feature updates coming to Divi Table Of Contents Maker, Divi Tabs Maker, and Divi Dynamic Helper. We will be doing a development sprint on the TOC and tabs plugins in January, with quite a list of new features for each plugin. The dynamic content plugin has an exciting update completed in testing phase now, with new dynamic content support for ACF options pages.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 1.5

Divi Taxonomy Helper Update 1.5

I’m excited to announce two new, important features in our Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin! Now you can add default taxonomy images to any taxonomy on your sit that work in the Taxonomies module or dynamic content in the Theme Builder. W also have another game-changing feature to the Blog module to show posts in the current category. Be sure to watch the video and read the blog post to see how this works, and enjoy the new features!

WP Inbox from Pee Aye Creative And Nelson Miller

Our New WP Inbox Product Is Launching In January 2024!

Over the past 2 years, I have been quietly building several other WordPress related products. One of those is WP Inbox, a WordPress plugin that organizes and syncs data from your website and displays contextual information about the person in the sidebar of your inbox app while viewing or replying to messages from your customers, students, subscribers, and members.

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