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Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin Feature Update 1.6

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I'm so happy to announce another new version of the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin version 1.6 with even more new settings and features.

▶️ Please watch the video above to get all the exciting details! 👆

New Features

Digital Signature Field

We are pleased to announce a new digital signature field for the Divi Contact Form module! You can enable this field in the Field Options toggle, similar to enabling the HTML field.

use as digitial signature field in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

When you hover over the signature pad, your mouse cursor becomes a marker.

The signature pad has a save and clear button. The save button needs to be pressed in order to include the signature in the form entry.

new signature pad feature in the Divi Contact Form Helper

When the form is submitted, the signature will appear as one of the forms in the backend of the entry. It will also appear as an attachment in the admin email.

save and view the digital signature in the entry in the Divi Contact Form Helper

As usual, we also added tons of design settings to fully customize and style the signature pad field and buttons. You can find these within the individual field in the Design tab in the Signature Pad toggle. Here we have settings to design the pad area, the save button, the clear button, and the message text.

digitial signature field design settings in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Save File Uploads To WordPress Media Library

Until now, any file upload was saved with the entry in the database and/or sent to the admin email. But now we added a new setting in the module to save the file uploads from the form entries to the WordPress Media Library. This means when someone submits an entry with a file, it and the setting is enabled, the file will also appear in the Media Library. NOTE: This setting is off by default.

save file uploads to WordPress media library setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Multilingual Support For Custom Text

Let the rejoicing begin! Our most common request has been to add multilingual translation support to the Divi Contact Form text. This includes the error and required fields text in Divi, as well as any custom text added by our plugin such as the file upload field text. 

*We had a difficult time with this, as we are not experts at WPML, Polylang, and others. If you have access to test this, please share any feedback with us to fix or improve in a future update.

enable multilinguel languages In Theme Options Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Custom Text For Error Messages

This was a highly requested feature! Divi does not have any way to customize the text of the error messages that show when a required field is not completed. For example, it will say “Please fill in the following fields:” or “Please fix the following errors:” as the error text. We already have design settings for these, but now we added input fields to write your own text in the plugin settings in Theme Options.

custom error text settings In Theme Options Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Disable Past Times

We added a new setting to the date and time picker field. Now you can disable any past time from being selected in the current day. For example, if the current time is 12:00 PM and there were time options each hour from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the options 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 will be hidden and unable to be selected.

disable past times setting in the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin

Confirmation Email Address Field ID

This feature was added after a request by a custom to be able to choose which email address field is used for the confirmation email when there are more than one email address field required in the form. So now you can use the field ID to designate which field to use when sending a confirmation email.

Logged In User Email As Confirmation Email Address

If you do no want to ask a logged-in user for their email, you can now use the %%dcfh_site_userinfo_email%% merge tag in the new Confirmation Email Field ID input to send the confirmation email to the logged-in user.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

We are always improving the plugin by making minor bug fixes and code improvements. You can always check the plugin changelog to see the details.


As with all of our products, every setting and feature of the plugin is well documented! Go check out the plugin documentation area for a full list of the settings, guides for all the settings, and all the other usual resources like FAQ, changelog, and roadmap.

Divi Contact Form Helper adds over 115 new features.

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