Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin Feature Update 1.1

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin Feature Update 1.1

I'm excited to announce new features in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin for background colors, button fullwidth, offset, and clickable terms.

Please watch the video to get all the exciting details!

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New Features

New layout – Image/Icon Position

By adding a new setting to place the position of the image/icon on the left or right, we have essentially added a new “list” layout. So now you can get away from the normal grid and display the taxonomies in a list. You can still set the number of columns, including just 1 for use in sidebars!

image and icon position left or right to make a list layout in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

Here is a simple example of what is possible:

screenshot demos.peeayecreative.com 2022.10.26 23_05_09
screenshot demos.peeayecreative.com 2022.10.26 23_15_54

Background Colors Per Term

When I was creating demos for this plugin, I realized I wanted to change the background color of the individual taxonomy terms.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Products Demo 2 screenshot

This was very easy with CSS, but now we have added background color settings that automatically show in the module for each taxonomy term.

taxonomy background color per term in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

Make Entire Term Clickable

This is another feature inspired by my demos. The image, title, and button were all clickable as expected, but then I realized there is some area outside those items that is not clickable, and could confuse users who expect the entire term to act as a button. So we have added a new Links toggle and new setting to make the entire taxonomy term clickable.

new option to make entire term link clicakble in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

In the screenshot below, the entire gray area can be clicked to go to the taxonomy term page when the new setting is enabled.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Products Demo 1 screenshot

Term Offset Number

This new setting works the same way as the Divi Blog module to skip a specified number of posts in the feed. If you enter 1 as the number, then it will skip the first term in the grid, or 2 will skip the first 2, etc. (This would not be used if you are using the checkboxes to select terms to show.)

term offset number setting in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin

Button Full Width

We added a new setting in the Button toggle in the Design tab to make the button fullwidth. A simple but nice to have feature!

make button fullwidth setting in the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin


As with all of our products, every setting and feature of the plugin is well documented! Go check out the plugin documentation area for everything you need to know about using the module.

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 1.0 1

Last updated Oct 27, 2022 @ 11:58 pm


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  1. Andrea Cianni

    I just downloaded the plugin, bought yesterday but only version 1.0 is available on my download page.

    When will version 1.1 be available? Will it be a plugin update in worpress plugin management page?


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