How To Properly Ask For Help In A Divi Facebook Group Tutorial Guide by Pee Aye Creative

How To Properly Ask For Help In Divi Facebook Groups

Nelson Miller Pee Aye Creative
Here is my perspective on how to properly ask for help in Divi Facebook groups in a way that helps everyone asking and responding to questions or issues.

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Things  To Do When Asking For Help In Divi Facebook Groups

#1. Check The Group Rules First

Some groups have strict rules about discussing certain topics. Or sometimes there is a designated day or thread to post things. The rules are different for each group, but it’s always good to make sure you are respectful of the rules.

#2. Use The Search Bar

Whether you are in an app or the desktop browser, when you navigate to the group the main Facebook search bar becomes specific for that group. Once you type in your search query, you an even narrow it down with filters.

Note that some groups have a rule that requires you to use the search feature first to avoid repetitive posts with the same issue. The point of this is to allows those of us who are answering to better help others rather than answering the same questions over and over again. Posting a question that has been answered many times also upsets some people, so consider this fair warning 🙂

#3. Be As Concise As Possible

Since those helping others in the Divi Facebook groups are volunteers, it is important to be respectful of the time it takes to read your explanation of the problem or question. No one has time to read through long paragraphs of explanations. However, not enough information is equally unhelpful, so try to find a balance between enough information and context while also keeping the post as short as possible.

#4. List The Steps You Took

Sometimes I see posts like “this isn’t working” and that’s all they say. The responders are left with the basics. Did you clear your cache? Is your version of Divi up to date? Did you try this in Safe Mode? Does your hosting meet the recommendations in the Support Center? Context is critical to diagnose the problem, so by listing the steps you have taken will help others pinpoint the issue.

#5. Always Include the Link To The Page

This is probably the #1 reason people will overlook your post. As web designers and developers, we often can diagnose the issue simply by having the link! That may surprise you, but its true and very essential. By looking at the website, we can inspecting the code, check what hosting you are using, run a site speed diagnostic test, and even see which Divi modules you are using. If you don’t share the link, this will be the first comment someone asks, and for good reason.

#6. Include A Screenshot Or Illustration

Along with the link, a screenshot, drawing, or some sort of markup can speak louder than words. This is especially helpful if you are doing something unique or asking how to great a certain type of layout in Divi. You can use a screenshot tool on your computer or a browser extension that lets you annote the issue or idea. At the very least, get out a pencil and paper and snap a photo of it.


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#7. Include A Video

A short video can often take the place of a long written explanation. Notice I said “include” a video. Don’t simply post a video link and expect people to interupt their browsing to go watch it just to understand the problem. First, give a brief summary of the issue as mentioned earlier, then share the link to the site along with the video.

It’s easy to create a video like this using a tool like Loom. In fact, here at Pee-Aye Creative, we often ask our customers to use Loom to share any issue they are having. Be sure to check out guide on How To Create A Loom Video.

#8. Be Nice And Not Demanding

This goes without saying, but if you are asking for help, be nice about it. Respect for other’s time and expertise goes a long way. Remember, no one is getting paid, and everyone is offering their time and skills for the benefit of others.

#9. Mark Your Post As Solved

I have often found myself studying a post and working out a solution only to find that it was answered in another comment hours or days before. That can be frustrating, and the best way to play your part is to simply edit the post and mark it solved. You can do this with a “SOLVED” at the top and as a bonus, direct people to the comment or solution. This way everyone benefits from your question!

#10. Do Not Delete Your Post Or Turn Off Comments

Like we just said, posting the solution can benefit others who are seeing the post. Sometimes I am writing a reply, and suddenly it won’t work because the post was deleted. Instead, mark it as solved like we said before.

Also, don’t turn off commenting. If an admin feels it is necessary, that’s fine, but until then, keep it open. Perhaps someone will be able to add some value to the question or solution even after you have it solved.

The answer to most questions in any Divi Facebook group is covered here:

How to Fix Divi – A Complete Guide To Solve Issues and Problems

How To Fix Divi Issues and Problems Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

Things  To Do When Helping Others In Divi Facebook Groups

Some of the same things could be said to those of use who help others. Reading a list like the one above could remind us of the proper way to ask, and cause us to react negatively to those who do not follow such procedures. That’s not the intent here. My goal is to help both those who are posting and those who are responding.

#1. Be Mindful Of The Group Rules

Just like we need to respect group rules when making a post, we also have to respect them when replying. Some things are not allowed in certain groups, such as private messaging, offering paid services, or sharing spammy links.

#2. Remember What It Was Like

If you have been using Divi for any length of time, then some of the questions that we see can seem very simple and elementary. But we have to remember that everyone is on a different journey. Many of the people are not professional web designers and don’t use Divi or WordPress every day like we do.

#3. People Are Watching

I know I am. I have built friendships and partnerships through watching how others interact in the Facebook groups. Be helpful and kind, and people will notice.

#4. If An Issue Arises, Report It To The Group Admins

As an admin myself, I would want to be notified if someone is doing or saying something rude, illegal, or unethical. If you see something, it’s best to let the admins handle it.

#5. Be Encouraging And Helpful

Sometimes it is clear the person is struggling to understand or accomplish something, so a nice world of encouragement can go a long way. Be helpful. Be nice. Make friends. And build the community together!

The words of Jesus sum it up well in Luke 6:38:

“Give to others, and you will find yourself receiving back in full—not merely given back—but given back with bonus and blessing.  The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” ~NLM

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