Pee Aye Creative Newsletter Recap of June 2022

Pee-Aye Creative Monthly Newsletter For June 2022

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Welcome to the Pee-Aye Creative monthly newsletter recap for the month of June 2022 with family, Divi, and product news.

Divi news

There were no Divi updates in June. But I did hear some good news regarding what I shared in the (exciting) Future Of Divi post/video, and things are going along well with the Divi API. It’s going to be several months until we as 3rd party developers can get our hands on the beta and start rebuilding our plugins, but we are trying to be patient and plan wisely. I expect very few feature updates until then, but rather a focus on getting more Divi Cloud features from their roadmap released.

Product News

Divi Dynamic Helper 1.1 Update

Last month we introduced our 8th and plugin from Pee-Aye Creative, the Divi Dynamic Helper! And just the other day we released version 1.1, a big update that adds ACF Pro gallery field support, Pods gallery field support, and a crazy new feature to allow adding Divi Library layouts inside any module! Whenever you click the gray dynamic content icon in any module – Text, Blurb Body, Accordion, Tabs, Slider, etc. you can add a nested Divi Library layout! That’s right, no more shortcodes! You can just create or add layouts, sections, rows, and modules to your Divi Library, then add them anywhere with dynamic content!

Divi Dynamic Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative 1.1

Divi Tabs Maker

In case you missed the announcement, we released our 9th plugin from Pee-Aye Creative, the Divi Tabs Maker! The goal is to give you unlimited control over the design of your tabs, and build them however you want. I would say version 1.0 was a huge success, but want to hear something crazy? Version 2.0 is already completed and ready to be released! Just finishing up docs/demos! Never did anything this crazy before. Learn more when we post the update soon.

Divi Tabs Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Updates Coming

We are finalizing a HUGE update to Divi Events Calendar. This will be big updates to all the modules, very exciting update that all users will love. Hope to release within a couple weeks!

We are also making incredible progress on another huge update to Divi Contact Form Helper which will have things like HTML in the messages, search in dropdowns, conditional email addresses, and a lot more!

New Plugin Launching!

We are intending to release a new, interesting little plugin here as soon as we can. It is not the glamorous kind, but it is unique and solves a missing feature that I think is important. If you use custom post types, The Events Calendar, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Lifter, etc. then you will want this plugin.

Secret Product Beta Tester Signup

*We are so thankful for those who signed up, even if we have been silent. Consider silence as a good thing, because this past month has been a significant spring in development.

We are creating a new product that is outside the normal Pee-Aye Creative product line. It is a SaaS product/WP plugin combination. I realize we are not yet giving many details and I apologize for that, but we would love to have you join our list to get early access when it is read! If you are interested, please complete this form to signup.

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