Pee Aye Creative Newsletter Recap of April 2023

Pee-Aye Creative Monthly Newsletter For April 2023

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Welcome to the Pee-Aye Creative monthly newsletter recap for the month of April 2023 with family, Divi, and product news.

Divi News

This month Divi released an update to version 4.21 that included several miscellaneous things. This included saving Thing Options to Divi Cloud, bulk layout upload for the Divi Library, and splitting layouts into sections.

Nick also shared a progress update on Divi 5.0 development. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the new foundation for the future of Divi, and is very exciting. It will require extensive work for us, but we are embracing it for all the opportunities it will bring. At this time they are encouraging us to wait until the developer beta version to start plugin conversions, but we are able to play around with the alpha version, and it is very fast, although very limited in features at this point. We will keep you informed on this!

Product News

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin Feature Update 1.3

Divi Taxonomy Helper Update 1.3

We have some great new features that will be very useful for anyone using the Taxonomies module in our Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin! Now you can choose to only show the current level of dynamic taxonomies, hide any taxonomy terms if there are no associated posts, and have an option to hide the module or show a custom message if there are no dynamic taxonomies available. Be sure to watch the video and read the blog post to see everything in action, and enjoy the new features!

We Are Moving Systems…Soon?

For the past few months we have been planning and preparing behind the scenes to switch everything on our website from WooCommerce to SureCart for ecommerce. We then ran into a huge obstacle related to a limitation with the SureCart license and update system, and it requires us to custom code the update system to integrate into their license system. Phew! Due to this, we are choosing not to release our two new plugins until we can start them off with SureCart only, rather than deal with the hassle of switching soon after launch. Eventually, this switch may require action on your part, but we don’t know yet, and we will try to minimize that as much as possible.

We are also switching to ThriveDesk for our support desk, but more on that later.

Product Beta Tester Signup

We have several other Divi and WordPress products in development planned to launch this year. If you signed up for product code named PACDA, you should have received an email last week with the plugin file to test. I already received some amazing and valuable feedback from some of you, so thank you!

Keep in mind we now have a permanent page on our website for beta testing signup. There you will see each product has its own signup form. You are welcome to sign up as a beta tester! We have a few FAQs and instructions on the page. Currently, there are (3) products needing input and/or testers.

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  1. Gino Whitaker

    Thanks for the updates. May I ask why you are switching from WooCommerce to SureCart? Are there issues with WooCommerce that we should be aware of?


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