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Free Demo Layouts Divi Carousel Maker Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

Free Bonus Demo Layouts

We are excited to provide over 100+ carousel demos as free layouts for you to import into your own site. We spent a lot of time making these, and hope that you enjoy them! Hopefully these layouts will allow you to save time while also giving you a chance to explore how each section was created and which settings are used in the carousel and modules.

How To Download The Layouts

Go to the Divi Carousel Maker demo website and browse the example carousels. Each section contains a number, description, and download button. Scroll to the section that you like and click the download button, which will prompt your browser to save the layout to your computer.

The screenshot below shows an example from our demo website with a download button located in the top-right corner of each carousel section.

example of how to download free Divi carousel layouts

How To Upload The Layouts To Your Site

To use the layouts, you need to import them directly into your Divi Library. This is required since the layouts were saved as sections from our demo site page to the Divi Library. We then exported them as .json files, which is the file type used for all Divi layouts. We then added the file to the buttons, so this .json Divi Layout file is what you will be downloading from our demo site and then uploading to your Divi Library.

Please note the “Divi Library” terminology used here. You must go to Divi>Divi Library>Import to upload the layouts to your website. (It will not work to try to import them from your computer directly into the page layout.)

How To Add The Layouts To Your Page

After the layouts are uploaded to your Divi Library, you can go to any page on your site and add them inside the Divi Builder. Remember, the layouts are sections, so be sure to click the plus button at the bottom of the blue sections. (It will not work to try to add these as page layouts, rows, or modules, but only sections.)

Last updated May 30, 2023

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