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Pabbly Connect Integration In The Divi Contact Form Helper Plugin by Pee Aye Creative

How To Integrate the Divi Contact Form With Pabbly Connect


The Divi Contact Form Helper plugin from Pee-Aye Creative adds Pabbly Connect integration to the Divi Contact Form module! Pabbly Connect is a tool that allows you to connect different apps and services to automate recurring tasks and make things easy for the user. Please note, this feature is not included with Divi and is impossible without our plugin, so we hope you enjoy this exciting feature!

The information in this document will help you connect the Divi Contact Form to the Pabbly Connect Email Parser using our Divi Contact Form Helper. Please refer to Pabbly’s own documentation for further instructions.

1. Set Up The Admin Email Message Pattern

After creating all the fields that you require in the contact form, the next step is to set up the message pattern so that the admin email has data to send to Pabbly Connect. Their platform will then catch the values from the message pattern and use it to integrate into other tools and services. You can learn more about how to use the message pattern and what options are available in our Message Pattern Merge Tags documentation. Keep in mind, we also have added some helpful custom options beyond the standard field IDs, so be sure to check it out!

Open the Divi Contact Form modules settings and open the Admin Email settings toggle. Let’s say you have added fields to the form for the user’s name, email address, and message. In order to get those values into Pabbly Connect you would need to place a message pattern like this:

Name: %%name%%
Email: %%nmail%%
Message: %%message%%

Between the percentage sign you need to place the field_id.

Other than the information that you are receiving from the fields that you have placed in the form, you can get a wide variety of extra information like IP address, page name, URL, username, browser, operation system, and much more.

2. Create Pabbly Email Parser Trigger

Before setting up the integration, you first need to create an account with Pabbly. Go to their website and either create a new account or log in to your existing account.

After logging in, click on the “Create Workflow” button. Give your workflow a name and continue. The next screen will ask you to select the trigger. Select the Email Parser option.

select email parser as the Pabbly Connect trigger
The system will automatically generate an email address (random numbers/[email protected]) which you need to copy and paste in the next step.
copy email address from Pabbly Connect email parser

3. Add Email Address In The Divi Contact Form Integration Settings

After creating the Email Parser trigger in Pabbly Connect, copy the auto-generated email address and go to Divi Contact Form module settings. Open the Integrations toggle and enable the setting Use Pabbly Email Parser. Paste the parser mailbox address in the Email Parser Mailbox Address, input field. Save the changes and exit the builder.

add the Pabbly Email parser email address into the Divi Contact Form
Now you will need to send a test email through Divi Contact form in order for the system to find test data. The email will be delivered into the parser mailbox, and the data from the message will be used by Pabbly Connect.
After sending the test email, go back to your Pabbly Connect setup and wait a few seconds. The button will say “Waiting On Email Parser Response” and then once their system receives the email a list of fields will appear. You have successfully connected the Divi Contact Form to Pabbly Connect using our Divi Contact Form Helper. Now that the trigger is set up, everything related to our plugin is completed, and you can continue with the setup process by adding an action.

4. Create Pabbly Email Parser Action

Now that you have set up the trigger, it is time to create an action that will utilize the data from the parsed emails. Setting up the action is beyond the scope of this documentation. You will need to refer to Pabbly instructions for that.

Their documentation is very hard to find, not sure why! I don’t know much else about their service, we just wanted to provide the integration since some customers asked for it.

Their help videos are found inside your account on their site in the “Help” menu on the left.

YouTube Video: How To Use Email Parser Inside Pabbly Connect

NOTE: This is not a guide on how to set up Pabbly Connect, but rather an overview of how the Pabbly settings provided by our plugin relate to the setup process. Pabbly provides plenty of videos and written documentation on their own website, and it is expected that you reference their guides for instructions.
Last updated March 6, 2024

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